Online Education

Know the basics for success

Know the basics for success

The following skills will help you be most successful in your online education experience:

Basic computer literacy

You will need basic knowledge of computer and Internet skills. Here are programs and information you will need to understand:

  • Knowledge of terminology such as browser, applications, etc.
  • Management of files and folders, including saving, naming, renaming, copying and checking properties.
  • Software installation and virus security.
  • Using software applications, primarily Microsoft Office: Word, PowerPoint, Excel.
  • Creating, sending, replying, printing and forwarding email.
  • Downloading and sending attachments.
  • Online communication tools such as discussion boards, chats and messengers.

Organization and time management

Develop a system of organization to help you remember when assignments are due, the window of time for exams and quizzes and how to contact your instructor. You will need to establish and maintain a regular study time when your disruptions and interruptions will be minimized and schedule specific times to log in and to study. It’s also important to have time to de-stress so that you can continue to manage your education along with everything else.

Communication skills

Online classes rely almost exclusively on the written word to communicate with students and faculty. As a result, if you are not able to clearly convey your thoughts in writing, you may want to take a writing refresher course to become more comfortable expressing yourself.

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