Online Education

Syllabus Checklist

Does your distance learning course syllabus contain everything that your distance students need to know?

  • Course name and number
  • Faculty name, campus address, campus phone (Home or cell phone number optional)
  • Campus and virtual office hours and the best way and time to reach you
  • Department and university (Students may be taking courses from more than one campus)
  • Introduction to you and the course (Bio info and photo are very helpful to establishing rapport)
  • Prerequisites: Coursework or informal knowledge or background helpful to understanding the topic
  • Textbook list
  • Other required readings and materials
  • Course objectives: What are students expected to learn?
  • Course modules or units (Material should be broken into smaller pieces or “chunks”)
  • Assessment: How will students be assessed as having met the course objectives?
  • Proctored or un-proctored assessments
  • Evaluation: How will you evaluate or grade their assessments?
  • Formatting rules for written assignments (Be specific)
  • How you want work submitted to you (Be specific)
  • Academic honesty/plagiarism policy
  • Course calendar/timeline (Be firm but flexible)

Additional Items to Include:

  • When students can expect to receive their work graded and returned
  • Should students move onto the next assignment before hearing from you?
  • Tell students if/when you’ll be unavailable to respond to them, and tell them when you’ll return (Helpful for vacations, holiday breaks, and conferences)
  • Tell students how long it will generally take you to respond to voicemail and email
  • Include instructions on how to use course components like such as discussion, chat, journal, assignment drop boxes, lockers, etc.
  • Check all of your hyperlinks
  • Include an online course evaluation