Office for Institutional Equity & Access

Americans with Disabilities Act - Reasonable Accommodations Appeal Procedures

It is the objective of St. Cloud State University to make the SCSU community – students, faculty, and staff – aware of the needs of persons with disabilities and to make reasonable accommodations to provide equal opportunity for all. The St. Cloud State motto regarding disability is “Your attitude takes the handicap from my disability”.

Student Accessibility Services (SAS) immediately establishes communication with each faculty member who has a student with a disability to help inform them about the disability and make provisions for special services if necessary.

A film is available at the library to assist instructors who have hearing impaired students to work more effectively with interpreters. The film is intended to increase sensitivity and improve classroom interaction.

The university had developed a sound/slide show to help faculty and staff adapt and improve their communication skills to better work with students with disabilities. This show has been presented to every department. The sound/slide show is available in the library.