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Co-Teaching in Student Teaching

While co-teaching is not a new phenomenon, its application in the student teaching experience is a new area of study. Co-teaching in student teaching enables two professionally-prepared adults to collaborate in the classroom, actively engaging students for extended periods of time. The co-teaching model of student teaching allows students increased opportunities to get help when and how they need it. It affords teachers opportunities to incorporate co-teaching strategies, grouping and educating students in ways that are not possible with just one teacher. The co-teaching in student teaching model may be implemented with any content at any grade level.

Co-teaching in student  teaching provides a comprehensive and rigorous experience for teacher  candidates, allows cooperating teachers the ability to remain actively involved, and enhances the quality of learning for P12 students. The co-teaching partnership enables cooperating teachers to provide consistent mentoring, giving teacher candidates the time and support necessary to gain skills and confidence required to teach successfully.

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