Department of Music

Seamus 2017 - Submissions

Submissions open Sept. 7, 2016 and close 11:59 p.m. EDT, Oct. 1, 2016.

Submissions will be submitted using the SEAMUS SoftConf portal.

We invite submissions from the SEAMUS membership, suitable for presentation in our 8-channel large auditorium, our 4-channel recital hall, various indoor and outdoor installation sites, and a downtown nightclub. Performers of electro-acoustic music are invited to submit proposals for a curated concert for their instrument or ensemble. We will be providing guerilla concert kits, which can be checked out by registered conference attendees for the presentation of guerilla concerts* in a variety of in/outdoor locations on campus during the conference.

St. Cloud State music faculty performers will consider works for flute/alto flute/piccolo, clarinet/bass clarinet, saxophone, horn, percussion (up to a quartet), piano, and violin.

Composers and sound artists may submit one original work from the broad spectrum of electronic music. This includes electroacoustic works, works that combine sound and media, and sound installations. Regardless of the media or style utilized by the respective artist, utmost consideration is given to the entry’s musical qualities and sound artistry. Authors on the subject of electroacoustic music may submit an abstract or complete article for presentation.  Proposals for panel discussions should include a list of participants. 

In response to frequent requests from our performer membership, SEAMUS is accepting proposals from performers for the presentation of an entire concert of a curated recital of electroacoustic music, not to exceed 55 minutes of music in duration. This concert provides an opportunity for an individual performer or group of performers to craft an entire program of works of their choosing. The program may include current or historical works, and the represented composers are not required to be members of SEAMUS. (However, no more than one work from any composer may be represented at the conference.)

Proposals for performer curated concerts will be evaluated primarily upon the strength of the player(s), however the cohesiveness, creativity, and feasibility of the proposed program will also be considered. There is no application fee, however the applicant must be a SEAMUS member in good standing (they may be registered as either “Composer” or “Performer” members). Performer applicants may also apply to the conference as a composer or as a paper panelist. If the proposed recital is accepted, the registration fee for this concert will be $400. As a courtesy and to avoid difficult decisions in the future, please be certain to get approval from composer members before submitting their work as part of your proposal.

Student submissions are strongly encouraged.

Adjudication of submissions is anonymous. Those selected for inclusion on the conference are required to attend the conference.

Direct questions to conference co-hosts Scott Miller and Kristian Twombly at

Thanks, and see you in April!

1. Concert Music (only one submission in any of the following three subcategories)

  • Stereo & Multichannel: submissions of musical performances in concert venues requiring audio only
  • Audio-Visual: submissions using a visual element
  • Late-Night: submissions of longer form musical works that skirt or break the boundaries of traditional concert works and that exceed the duration limit of the concert hall venues

2. Installations (only one submission in this category)

3. Papers / Demos / Workshops (only one submission in this category)

4. Performer Curated Concert (only one submission in this category)

NOTE: Please be aware that works with multiple authors, even if the author is not the primary author, count toward the submission limit.

Guerrilla concerts will not be programmed prior to the conference nor selected based on adjudication. More information will be available as the conference approaches.