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Seamus 2017 - Schedule

Concerts are listed in concert order. Download the full conference program book.

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Tech schedules are arranged by venue and concert. Tech times for Wednesday evening may be slightly delayed depending on how quickly a venue can be set up.


Concert #1 - Ritsche Auditorium

9:30 am Thursday, April 20

threads and knives Gabriel Hawes
intra- Kyle Shaw
White Standee Line M.O. Abbott
Rollyphony (*ASCAP/SEAMUS Finalist) Sangwon Lee
Hexany Permutations Dave Seidel
Modus Operandi Francesco Bossi
Tribal Utterance Lucas Smith
Harvest Kitchen 2B Christopher Bailey
Unstrung Corey Cunningham
Baldwin / Now Tony Reimer
Eukaryote Marissa DiPronio
Anterograde Seiyoung Jang
rare yet soft Kyong Mee Choi
Haunted Library Variations Eric Zurbin
Ventriloquy (*ASCAP/SEAMUS Finalist) Andrew Babcock

Concert #2 - Gant Recital Hall

1:30 pm Thursday, April 20

Scatter Jon Anderson
Ouriana's Meditation Steve Joslin

                    Frederico Bonacossa, guitar

Frederico Bonacossa
                    Melissa Krause, alto flute; Elizabeth McNutt, flute
Nicholas Shaheed
Reprogram Robert Seaback
                    Lily Chen, chin
Lily Chen
Bending Metals  (2016 ASCAP/SEAMUS Commission)
                    Terry Vermillion, vibes; AJ Rowe, vibes; Jordon Goebel, vibes; Jaysa Saumer, vibes
William Dougherty
Curl (*ASCAP/SEAMUS Finalist)
                    Recording of a performance by defunensemble
                    Hanna Kinnunen, flute; Lily-Marlene Puusepp, harp
                    Released on the album defunensemble: Define Function (2015), Siba Records, (SRCD-1014);
                    Recording engineers: Timo Kurkikangas, Anders Pohjola
Timothy Page

Bicorporal (ALLEN STRANGE AWARD Winner)
                     Hunter Brown, percussion

Hunter Brown

Concert #3 - Gant Recital Hall

3:30 pm Thursday, April 20

                    Courtney Miller, oboe
Christopher Jette
Ride On
                    Olga Oseth, skateboard controller and Kyma
Olga Oseth
                    David Dow, theremin
David Dow
Murmurations on Palestrina
                    Eric Honour, iPhone
Eric Honour
Arbor I-V Eric Sheffield and Anna Weisling
Quiet Music for Strings (simple switches cause hits and misses)
                    Alex Christie, violin
Alex Christie
Moving Bits
                    Fang Wan, Gametrak controller
Fang Wan
Of the Moon, Under the Moon
                    Samuel Wells, trumpet
Nicole Carroll

Concert #4 - Ritsche Auditorium

7:30 pm Thursday, April 20

the ongoing process
                    Michael Boyd, Stephen Lilly, Kristian Twombly, Steve Wanna, laptops
Michael Boyd
Epimetheus Gift
                    Steve Vacchi, bassoon
Charles Nichols

The Brain Abhors the New
                    Terry Vermillion, conductor
                    Jordon Goebel, percussion/vibes; Elki Johnson, percussion/marimba;
                    AJ Rowe, percussion; Jaysa Saumer, percussion

Matthew Harder

Darl, for clarinet and live electronics
                    Andrea Cheeseman, clarinet

Elliot Grabill
                    Michael Pounds, interactive electronics
Michael Pounds
Entropic Mechanisms
                    Skyler Hagner, baritone sax; Adam Vidiksis, electronics
Adam Vidiksis
Colonizer 1
                    Collin Findlay, Horn
Christopher LaRosa
Broken Computer
                    Andrea Cheeseman, clarinet
Patrick Reed
Shift, for laptop ensemble
                    David Litke, Stewart Engart, Hanna-Lisa Stefansson, Rebecca Simpson-Litke, laptops
David Litke
Flat Circle
                    Noa Even, saxophone
Carter Rice
                    Coca Bochonko, viola; Jacqueline Ultan, violoncello; Terry Vermillion, prepared kick drum
Miguel Espinel

Concert #5 - The Nest Over the Pickled Loon

10:30 pm Thursday, April 20

Garden of Temptation and Being
                    Maxwell Tfirn
Maxwell Tfirn
You Probably Do Chris Peck

oNe: for pitched (nor nonpitched) object and live electronics

                    Keith Kirchoff

Keith Kirchoff
Ars Electroacoustica
                    Scott L. Miller, Kyma; Ted Moore, electronics;
                    Adam Zahller, recorder; Kyle Hutchins, saxophone
*programmed at the host’s discretion, not as a result of the anonymous jury
Scott Miller


Concert #6 - Ritsche Auditorium

9:30 am Friday, April 21

Ictus (*ASCAP/SEAMUS Finalist) Michael Smith
Strong Back, Soft Front Jared Sommerfelt
Transparent, Luminescent
                    Linda Antas, flute
Aaron Stepp
Ode to Kitchen Konstantinos Karathanakos
Illusory Lines Jon Nelson
deep in the fog of rust and glass
                    Toshiro Chun, trumpet
Timothy Harenda
                    Anthony Marasco, iPad
Anthony Marasco
Light Rail Ryan Laney
Stages for Stereo Fixed Media David Nguyen
Lung Ta for Solo Percussion and Electronics I. Earth II. Water III. Fire IV. Wind V. Sky
                    Adam Vidiksis, percussion
Anne Neikirk
What Rough Beast Slouches Sean Peuquet
Wolf by the Ear Jonathan Wilson

Concert #7 - Gant Recital Hall

1:30 pm Friday, April 21

Sie sind allein
                    Stacey Mastrian, voice
Stephen Lilly
I want ___, please
                    Becky Brown, harp
Becky Brown
Duo for Tenor Steel Pan and Computer
                    Kenyon Williams, steel pan
Cort Lippe
No Way Forward, No Way Back Jason Mitchell
Lament for Flute and Computer
                    Wayla J. Chambo, flute
Steve Kemper
Back Lanes Israel Neuman

                    Jason Bolte, modular synthesizer

Jason Bolte
hidden surface Sage Jenson
Ling Yin
                    Chi Wang, Gametrak controller
Chi Wang
Nocturne R6105 Abinadi Meza and Paula Matthusen
                    James DeVoll, flute; Kyle Hutchins, saxophone;
                    Joey Crane, cello; Patti Cudd, percussion
Ted Moore
                    Mark Snyder, theremin; Becky Brown, harp
Mark Snyder

Panels - Miller Center Auditorium

4:00 pm, Friday, April 21

*these panels were programmed by invitation from the conference hosts

The Rise of the Anti-Aesthetic in Electro-Acoustic Music Jon Appleton
Ted Apel
Chris Peck
Sean Peuquet
Surfing the Hyperinstrument: Negotiating Expressivity in Electroacoustic Music Performance

Maja Cerar, Moderator
Jeff Kaiser
Esther Lamnick
Elizabeth McNutt

SPLICE Keith Kirchoff
Adam Vidiksis
Chris Biggs
Elainie Lillios

Concert #8 part I - Ritsche Auditorium

5:30 pm Friday, April 21

Recent Works for Saxophone and Electronics Drew Whiting, Saxophone
Random Access John Mayrose
For the Fallen Judith Shatin
Break Ed Martin
In Lights Starkly Different Robin Julian Heifetz

Concert #8 part II - Gant Recital Hall

SEAMUS Award Winner Concert Carla Scaletti
                    Continuum & Kyma
                    For audience processed live through Kyma

                    Fixed Media

Bubble and Squeak
                    Carla performing, processed live through Kyma

Concert #9 - The Nest Over the Pickled Loon

10:30 pm Friday, April 21

                    Andrea Mazzariello
Andrea Mazzariello
BHZ, SeenSound Visual/Music
                    Mark Zanter, electronics; Brigid Burke, clarinet; Steve Hall, percussion
Mark Zanter, Brigid Burke and Steve Hall
We No Longer Hear Human Voices Daniel Sitler


Concert #10 - Ritsche Auditorium

9:30 am Saturday, April 22

PRECUNEUS; Sonic Space no. 8 – Iteration no. 4 Michael Musick
In Wahrheit saß ein buckliger Zwerg darin, der ein Meister im Schachspiel war und die Hand der Puppe an Schnüren lenkte
                    Ethan Hayden, Kalimba
Ethan Hayden
Return to the Earth Kramer Ellwell
Arrows from enemy Zhaoyu Zhang
Avian Chimæras Chet Udell
Louhi Lyn Goeringer
Ghost of Time
                    Robin Cox, violin
Robin Cox
Deep Pocket Music James Caldwell
Circular Logic Mitch Weakly
Swan Yvette Jackson
Álfareiðin (The Elfin Ride) Hanna Lisa Stefansson
The Dockyard Deovides Reyes III
My Metal Bird Can Sing Michael Lukaszuk
Kerplunkte (2016 ASCAP/SEAMUS Commission)
                    Keith Kirchoff, piano
Jon Fielder

Miller Center Auditorium

1:00 pm Saturday, April 22

Intentional Inclusion: Promoting Diversity in Graduate Study of Music Technology Chris Dobrian and Molly Jones
It's Not a Synthesizer — It's Synth-A-Modeler (SaM)! Edgar Berdahl
Virtuosity, Machines, and Interagency: The Construction and Location of Skill in Contemporary Electro-Acoustic Improvisation Jeff Kaiser

Concert #11 - Gant Recital Hall

3:00 pm Saturday, April 22

Cimmerian Isolation
                    Francesca Leo, flute
Nathan Haering
On the limits of a system and the consequences of my decisions
                    Keith Kirchoff, piano
Ryan Carter
                    Jeffrey Stolet, Wacom tablet and Kyma
Jeffrey Stolet
Audio Combine
                    John Bischoff, found objects
John Bischoff
Windows Mark Zaki
                    Akiko Hatakeyama, afterglow - ざんぞう (custom-made instrument)
Akiko Hatakeyama
Transform: for percussion and electronics
                    Chris Lizak, percussion
Chris Ozley
tempora mutantur
                    Andrea Cheeseman, clarinet
Patrick Chan
                    Jeff Siegfried, tenor saxophone
Nicholas Cline
Meru: Tracing Earth
                    Linda Antas, flute
Linda Antas

Concert #12 - Ritsche Auditorium

7:30 pm Saturday, April 22

Dreams Unwind, for piano and live, interactive electronics
                    Keith Kirchoff, piano
Brian Sears
Edge of Sound
                    Coca Bochonko, viola
Steve Wanna
After Long Drought
                    Scott Deal, vibraphone
Elainie Lillios
unsettled questions (shadow and shape)
                    Elizabeth McNutt, flute
Andrew May
                    Sam Kelder, viola
Heather Stebbins
                    Yi-Wen Chen, clarinet
Daniel Swilley
The Unveiling - pipa improvisation and quadraphonic live electronics
                    Sophia Shen, pipa
Siyang Shen
Light is Like Water
                    Sam Wells, trumpet
Sam Wells

                    Esther Lamneck, clarinet and tárogató

Jorge Sosa
Invisible Ink
                    Eli Fieldsteel, pen and tablet controller
Eli Fieldsteel
                    Marion Judish, violin; Shannon Sadler, piano; Terry Vermillion, percussion
Jeff Harriott
Vox Clamantis
                    Melissa Krause, flute; Marion Judish, violin
Russell Pinkston

The Nest Over the Pickled Loon

10:30 pm Saturday, April 22

Forge Of The Gargoyle's Beak Fernando Laub
Date Night Michael Wittgraf
LOCI Sean Hamilton


Joo Won Park
Andrew Telichan-Phillips
Ted Apel

Listening Room - PAC 158 

9:00 am – 7:00 pm, Thursday, April 20 – Saturday, April 22

and so it follows (note the ephemera) Nathan Corder
60 bandos 60 Jorge Variego
Effusion Scott Barton
How Will You Dress Her Pinda Ho
Drive to the Edge Ralph Lewis
The Sound of the Baskervilles Mark Eden
Heterogeneous Joungmin Lee
Stories From an Alien Pond Julius Bucsis
A Traveler's Daydream Joshua Tomlinson