Got Conflict?

University Mediation is making free conflict coaching available to all faculty and staff on campus, two days per week during the Fall and Spring semesters.

Individuals will be seen on a first come, first serve basis. If the announced times will not work for you, or if you would like to reserve a specific time, please contact the mediation office: 320-308-3240.

What is conflict coaching and how does it differ from mediation?

You don’t need the other party. Conflict coaching is a one-on-one , confidential, informal conversation with a coach, helping you to deal with a particular point of conflict in your work environment.

What should I expect?

If you are experiencing ongoing, regular conflict, you will almost certainly feel better empowered to manage your conflict situation more effectively as a result of conflict coaching.  However, your coaching conversation probably will entail some thought-provoking, challenging questions from your conflict coach.  And it’s probably not a quick fix.  It may entail more than one conversation.  The conflict coach will work with you to figure out:

  • Patterns of behavior
  • Alternative behaviors
  • Alternative explanations for other’s behavior
  • Alternative solutions to the problem

And your conflict coach will help you role play scenarios so your are better prepared for your next steps or conversations with your counterparty in your conflict.

University Mediation Office

Princeton University Online Conflict Management Coach

Another helpful resource is Princeton University's Online Conflict Management Coaching tool located at: