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About Mediation Service

The Mediation Program is available to all St. Cloud State employees for help in resolving a workplace dispute or an impasse.  As our name suggests, we were specifically chartered as a mediation service, and mediation—serving as neutral facilitators to help parties resolve their conflicts productively—remains at the center of our mission.  In addition, though, we help people who are in conflicts in a number of ways besides mediation.  When you first approach the program, we will work with you to help define the nature of your concern and to create possible strategies to help you manage this situation.  We can support you in a variety of ways:

  • We can consult with you about your challenges and your options in your problematic situation.
  • We can help generate ideas for creative strategies for moving toward a more healthy and productive engagement with your antagonist(s).
  • We can provide a sounding board for “reality checking” both problems and strategies for solutions.
  • We can help bring a systems perspective to your conflict, exploring what and who else may be having an influence in your conflict besides the immediate parties and who else may be a resource for moving toward a healthier, more productive working relationship.
  • We can facilitate meetings of groups that are conflicted or are at an impasse..
  • We can serve as consultants to groups who are in conflict or impasse.
  • We can serve as advocates in situations where support is a more immediate need than neutral facilitation.
  • Finally, as our name describes, we can serve as mediators for groups, from two up to groups the size of a large department, who want formal assistance in creating and maintaining a safe process of communicating and problem solving with each other.

For more information, please refer to the links on this page, especially the What Is Mediation? link and the Questions and Answers link.  Please contact the Mediation Coordinator if you have other questions or if you have a conflict you would like to talk about with an unbiased third party.