Department of Mass Communications

Transfer Information

The department welcomes students who have completed coursework at other universities. Unless they have taken an equivalent Mass Communication course as another institution, entering transfer students are encouraged to take COMM 220, COMM 240, and the COMM 222 test out in their first semester at St. Cloud State University so they can be placed within their program of study as soon as possible.

COMM 220 and COMM 240 are typically offered in the summer terms as well, so transfer students can get an early start on these important prerequisite courses.

COMM 222 test out

COMM 222 or its test-out are required of all majors as a condition of admission to the major. It also is a required prerequisite for many writing courses in mass communications.

To take the grammar test-out, which is free, come to Stewart Hall 125 and see Elaine Moran, the office manager, who administers the on-line test. You have 90 minutes to complete the multiple choice test, but it takes most about 45 minutes to finish. You have to complete the exam within Mass Communications’ office space; you cannot do it elsewhere.

Contact Elaine Moran ahead of time to make sure she will be around to give the exam. Her email is and her phone is 320-308-2790.

You can take the test once. If you fail it, you must take COMM 222, a one-credit course.