Institutional Review Board

IRB Training

For principle investigators, training must be completed prior to the submission of the IRB application. IRB members must complete the training within sixty days of appointment to the committee or at least prior to providing guidance/voting information regarding IRB applications.

SCSU uses the CITI Training solution to provide online training for various learner groups served on campus. In coordination with Academic Affairs and Graduate Studies, the IRB has determined the following levels of training for each learner group:

  1. Undergraduate Student Researchers
    1. Complete 2 required modules and 1 elective module.
  2. Graduate Student Researchers
    1. Complete 3 required modules and 1 elective module. 
  3. Faculty and Staff Researchers
    1. Complete 4 required modules and 2 elective modules.
  4. IRB Members
    1. Complete 6 required modules and 2 elective modules.

Existing User

If you are an existing user, log into your account and click on Add a Course or Update Your Learner Groups for St. Cloud State University to view all courses available. Choose Human Subjects; then click Next to choose your specific learner group (undergraduate, graduate, faculty/staff, IRB member).

Registering as a New User for IRB Training

Follow these steps to register for your IRB Training program from CITI. Under Create an Account, click on Register. Select Your Organization Affiliation by querying for the word Cloud and St. Cloud State University should appear in the drop down list. Note there should not be a charge to take this training as SCSU covers the annual fee.


Consistent with SCSU’s Federal-Wide Assurance (FWA) with the federal government, the IRB has agreed to treat all projects involving human subjects equally whether or not there is external funding for the project. 

According to SCSU’s FWA, the Office of Human Research Protections, Department of Health and Human Services, strongly recommends that the Institution and the designated IRB establish educational training and oversight mechanisms (appropriate to the nature and volume of its research) to ensure that research investigators, IRB members, staff and other appropriate personnel maintain continuing knowledge of and comply with the following: relevant ethical principles; relevant federal regulations; written IRB procedures; OHRP guidance; other applicable guidance, state and local laws; and institutional policies for the protection of human subjects. Furthermore, OHRP recommends that a) IRB members and staff complete relevant educational training before reviewing human subjects research; and b) research investigators complete appropriate institutional educational training before conducting human subjects research.

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