Institutional Review Board

IRB Approval Process

  1. The researcher identifies a research project.
    1. If the researcher is a student, coordination and approval are needed from faculty advisor/instructor to begin the project and throughout the life of the project. 
    2. Undergraduate Projects
      1. Undergraduate projects classified as coursework do not require official IRB approval; rather the student must work with a faculty advisor to monitor the project to ensure IRB compliance throughout the life of the project.
    3. Graduate Projects
      1. As part of the thesis/dissertation process, Graduate Studies requires IRB when research involving human subjects is conducted.

IRB Approval is required prior to data collection

  1. The completed application form is signed by the principal investigator and advisor/instructor (if applicable) and submitted to the Office of Research and Sponsored Programs as a complete proposal package. A package includes:
  1. Complete IRB Training
  2. Complete IRB Protocol
  3. Data Collection Instruments (surveys or questionnaires)
  4. Consent Form(s)
  5. If applicable, Letter of Cooperation/Support for Participant Recruitment
  6. If applicable, debriefing statement for particpants

All parts of an application packet must be submitted simultaneously.

  1. The IRB application is reviewed by the IRB.  

  2. A formal letter of approval, conditional approval or disapproval is sent by IRB to the principal investigator. In the case of suggested minor modifications, the principal investigator may be asked to revise the application and resubmit for review. If the proposal is disapproved, the researcher may make modifications and resubmit the application.

  3. Researchers with Expedited or Full Reviews are required to complete and submit a Continuing Review/Final Report Form at the end of the project or annually, whichever occurs first.


Post IRB Approval Process

Upon IRB approval, the following process applies.

  1. Follow formal consent process with potential participants
  1. Collect Data
    • Researcher is responsible to report any project variances or incidents to the IRB immediately

  3. Analyze Data
  1. Continuing Review (annually) or Final Report back to IRB (Expedited and Full Reviews ONLY)