Institutional Review Board



Do you find the IRB process confusing? Looking for a quicker turnaround time for approval? Then you MUST review:



For more information, attend an IRB presentation/Q&A session:

  • Thursday 11/5/15 from 10-11AM in AMC Voyageurs South
  • Monday 11/23/15 from 1-2PM in AMC Voyageurs South
  • Friday 12/4/15 from 2-3PM in AMC Voyageurs South

IRB Protocol

When submitting an IRB protocol (deliver to Admin Services, Room 210), be sure it is a complete packet, which includes all necessary documents listed:

  • Complete IRB Training
  • View IRB Tutorial of Common Questions and Errors (above)
    • Current approval rate upon initial review is <10% so please read the tutorial thoroughly, as it identifies many common errors
  • Complete IRB Protocol (use this current version)
    • Must be signed by researcher and advisor/course instructor, if applicable
  • Recruitment Materials - Question 5
  • Documentation of Cooperation - Question 6
  • Data Collection Instruments (surveys, interview questions, demographic questions, handouts, etc.) - Question 8
  • Consent Form(s) - Question 15
  • If using deception, include a debriefing statement for participants


Existing Data Only Application includes:

  • IRB Training Completed
  • Completed Use of Existing Data Involving Human Subjects Protocol
    • This protocol is used when the only data you are going to be working with already exists. No new collection of data to occur. Allow sufficient time for IRB review.
  • Written Support - Question 4


IRB Reviewer Checklist

All protocols will be reviewed according to the Reviewer Checklist.


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