Health Insurance Information

Health Insurance is required for all F-1 and J-1 students and scholars at St. Cloud State University.

This mandatory program exists for the protection of international students/scholars and provides a health plan against financial hardship resulting from the need for medical attention. The United States does not have a national health care system available to nonimmigrant students/scholars; therefore, the cost of medical care is the responsibility of the student/scholars.

Since the cost of medical treatment in the United States is so high (the average hospital stay of three days could easily cost over $1,000), St. Cloud State University requires that all new and transferring international students enrolled—as well as J-1 scholars— purchase the Minnesota State Colleges and Universities System Student Health Plan. This policy was established by the Minnesota Colleges and Universities System Director of Student Life, St. Paul, MN.

Please review the current healthcare policy at St. Cloud State University.

Exemption for Government Sponsored Students – please provide evidence that an Embassy or Government entity is providing you with full health insurance coverage. You may be required to purchase the Minnesota State Colleges and University System health insurance until you can provide proof of full health insurance/health guarantee.

New Students

New international degree-seeking students must pay their health insurance before registering for classes. The health insurance charge for the 2016-2017 academic year will be $1,356. Exchange students who are not seeking a degree, and who will be here only for a short time, are also required to purchase university health insurance. Costs vary depending on your program of study. Check for these costs in your welcome packet.

Immunization Record

An immunization record is required for many students attending St. Cloud State University. Information and the form are available at Student Health Services.

Current Students

Expiration date of insurance – August 14th each year.

Renewal of health insurance – payment of health insurance charges must occur prior to July 15th each year. A hold preventing registration will be on the student's account until the entire amount is paid. Health Insurance payments can be made to the Cashier’s office.

To guide you further, please review the Health Services Tutorial for international student health insurance.

J-1 Scholars

All J-1 scholars will be charged health insurance for the duration of their program at St. Cloud State. 


If you do not wish for St. Cloud State health insurance coverage for your spouse or child, please complete the Health Insurance Release Form for Dependents. We strongly encourage that your spouse/child maintains adequate health insurance while in the U.S. (if not through St. Cloud State) for the reasons mentioned above.

Voluntary Coverage

International students and their dependents are eligible to keep insurance coverage while on Optional Practical Training (OPT) and Academic Training if registered for at least one credit.

Refund Policy

Health insurance must be renewed in full year increments. If insurance is prepaid, and a refund is requested 14 calendar days prior to the coverage start date the insurance premium will be refunded through St. Cloud State University's Business Services. If the refund is requested later than 14 days prior to the coverage start date, the student must fill out the insurance refund form. This requires approval and a signature from a Center for International studies advisor. Students who are approved for OPT, transfer, leave the United States, or change immigration status may be eligible for a partial refund. See Health Insurance Refund Form.