Faculty Research Group on Immigrant Workers

The Research Group

Mission: Encourage and facilitate interdisciplinary research on immigrant workers’ experiences in Minnesota’s labor markets and their endeavors to achieve full citizenship in both Minnesota and the United States. Provide courses and programs on immigration to undergraduate and graduate students. Provide outreach to immigrants and immigrant organizations.

The Faculty Research Group  .  .  . 

  • Provides information to the community on immigration to Minnesota and its impact on the state
  • Produces research about the social conditions of immigrant workers in Minnesota to both the academic and non-academic communities
  • Offers courses and workshops on the diverse citizenship issues that shape the lives of immigrant workers in Minnesota and related topics
  • Is a center of excellence that helps attract first-rate faculty, staff and students to the university
  • Generates grant money and donations that help pay for research and teaching on immigration

We collaborate with community-based organizations to develop data on the social conditions of Minnesota immigrant workers and their communities.  Because social conditions are shaped by global institutions and processes, our research can extend beyond Minnesota's borders. 

Learn about our past events Global Goes Local Conference.

The research group is housed in the School of Public Affairs Research Institute.  The group is sponsored by the College of Liberal Arts and the School of Public Affairs.

The research group depends on your support to continue its work.  MAKE A GIFT, and write in "Immigrant Workers in Minnesota" in the comments area.

Direct questions to frgimn@stcloudstate.edu.

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