Department of Information Media

Mission and Vision


Information Media is the program of choice for those seeking advanced preparation in technology integration, library media or instructional design and e-learning in a rapidly changing global society. 


Information Media, through its certificate and Master of Science programs, supports people in developing knowledge and skills in technology integration, library media, and instructional design and e-learning.  Encompassed in the programs are competency development in the theory and practice of school library media centers, education and information technology, instructional systems design, message design and delivery and e-learning. An essential characteristic is the integration of theory, practice and technology into learning environments.

The department is committed to empowering all learners with necessary information access and utilization skills through the incorporation of new theories, technologies and practice.  Moreover, the IM faculty consciously models critical thinking skills and a variety of learning styles to encourage all learners to incorporate this information into their approaches to problem solving, teaching/learning, and training.