Department of Information Media

Computer Competency Exam

Prerequisite option for IM 421/521 or 422/522

As an Education major you are required to demonstrate computer competency before admission to IM 421/521 or 422/522 courses. You may have met the requirement if you completed one of the following courses:

  • IM 260 Exploring Digital Media
  • ART 105 Computer Studio
  • CNA/CSCI 169 Computers in Society
  • ETS 157 Computers in Industry

If you have not taken, nor plan to take, one of the above courses before enrolling in IM 421/521 or 422/522, you may instead meet the requirement by taking the Computer Competency Exam. The test is not a course-equivalency exam and no credit is given. There is no cost to take the test.

Details and Skills Tested

  • Students are allowed one attempt at the test.
  • No outside resources are allowed for looking up information during the test. You will be asked to store your phone or other electronic devices with the IM office during the test.
  • The test takes approximately two hours.
  • A passing score is 70 percent or higher.
  • Plan to take the test the semester before you plan to take IM 421/521 or IM 422/522. It takes five days for scores to be entered into the registration system.

These competencies need to be demonstrated with a high level of proficiency: An observed demonstration of your operating-system skills, a multiple-choice test and completion of a word-processing document.

The student must be able to:

  • Name and explain the functions of a computer system and its components.
  • Operate a computer system, its software and peripherals.
  • Explain and apply the concepts of basic to intermediate electronic text document creation (word processing and e-mail).
  • Utilize the concepts and typical applications of other common types of software applications such as databases, spreadsheets, graphics, and browsers.
  • Articulate a belief in the efficacy of computers for problem-solving.

Scheduling an Appointment 

Read these directions carefully

1. Request an appointment time. Follow the instructions in the link.

2. Your appointment will be confirmed within 24 hours. We typically cannot accommodate requests for same day appointments.

3. Questions? Call 320-308-2062 8 a.m.-4:30 p.m., Monday-Friday.

On your test day, report to the HURL/IM office in Education Building B118.

  • Present your student ID
  • No personal belongings, including mobile devices, are allowed in the testing room
  • Items may be stored in the HURL/IM office

Fall 2017 Testing Schedule

Fall 2017 Testing starts August 21, 2017 to December 13, 2017

Spring 2018 Testing Schedule

To be determined.