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"Quality, comprehensive induction programs not only increase retention of new hires, but also accelerate the growth of novice teachers to affect higher student learning rates. "

-- Moir, 2009

Two-year instructional coaching demonstrated significantly higher student gains for its new teachers, suggesting that two-year support from a full-time instruction coach/mentor paired with reasonable caseloads is critical.

 -- Fletcher and Strong, 2009

Instructional Coaching

Instructional coaching happens when two people-or groups of people- talk regularly about the practice of teaching and learning. Over time, conversations become routine and habits of mind, practice, and belief. These conversations become more deliberate and focused on an individual’s customs and traditions that translate into classroom practice.

While not all inclusive, Instructional coaches:

  • motivate
  • set goals
  • problem solve
  • pre-conference, observe and post-conference
  • enhance instructional strategies

We coach the coaches

Our two-day Mindfulness Coaching for Instructional Impact workshop incorporates building relationships and networking among coaches and principals, active engagement activities, access to materials and resources and opportunities for follow-up.

We teach these skills to help coaches and principals who partner with novice and veteran educators:

  • Building relationships
  • Cultivating awareness (self and others)
  • Listening for understanding
  • Asking good questions
  • Paraphrasing for clarity

 These skills open the door for pedagogy-rich conversations rooted in methodology, reflection, and adjustment that provides a means for ongoing, frequent discussions surrounding student achievement as it relates to instructional practice.


We  provide a research-based instructional coaching program for coaches to work with novice teachers

The Instructional Coaching Induction Program involves sessions where instructional coaches help new teachers set professional goals, plan lessons, analyze student work and reflect on their progress. In addition, instructional coaches observe new teachers, may teach a lesson while the new teacher observes and offer support so the new teacher has the opportunity to observe other veteran teachers.

Instructional coaches support new teachers in completing the following tasks:

  • Self-assessment
  • Class profile
  • Observation of a veteran teacher
  • Three sessions that involve pre-planning, observation and post observation with instructional coach
  • Unit mapping


All tasks include reflections and dialogues designed to develop and coach novice teachers in the P-12 setting with the purpose of moving students forward in their achievement.