Ignite Center


District Support


Induction training

Support for new teachers happens through robust, comprehensive induction programs built around essential components that include on-the-job instructional coaching aligned to a district's goals. We help districts improve the instructional practices of novice teachers, which helps them successfully transition from a teacher preparation program into the first years of managing a classroom.

Coaching training

We provide a one or two day training for instructional coaches and principals who will be working with new or veteran teachers. 

Both are part of the membership fee and include follow-up sessions throughout the year.

Co-teaching training

Ignite Center also will provide training for districts that want to enhance the co-teaching model for teachers leading special education and English Language Learner classes to work with general education teachers. The training provides models and skills for effective co-teaching. It also includes follow-up sessions throughout the year. The training is included as part of the membership fee.

Professional development

Ignite Center plans to conduct collaborative professional development academies, events and experiences.

Member districts' staff would get a reduced rate.

As districts look for ways to meet the ever-changing needs of their students, Ignite Center can assist with finding the people or resources to provide training. For example, as many districts look for training in the area of differentiated instruction or mental health of students, the center can facilitate trainers or resources. These may be St. Cloud State University faculty or other resources within the community.

Higher education collaboration

Collaboration with St. Cloud State University faculty for content support, College in the Schools or College Readiness can be facilitated through Ignite Center. A simple email can get you in touch with the right person.