Ignite Center


Ignite Center

Ignite Center is a unique, continually developing partnership.

Today, it is the connector between preschool through 12th grade teachers in Minnesota's school districts and St. Cloud State's education faculty. It links development of reliable learning assessments and new teaching strategies.

We work to support and create networks for new teachers, experienced teacher-mentors and students who want to be teachers.

We promote professional learning opportunities, and we offer opportunities for students, educators in the classroom and faculty on the St. Cloud State campus to collaborate to find the most successful tools and strategies for education.

We work with:

  • Students who want to be teachers.
  • Teachers in their first three years of classroom work.
  • Experienced educators looking to develop professional leadership skills.
  • School districts working to improve teacher retention, assessment and learning outcomes.
  • University faculty looking to expand their knowledge of education through collaborative professional development and research.

We are seeking new districts, schools and educators to join our learning communities.

This is how we do that

  • Resources

    Looking for ideas, inspiration and connections that will improve your teaching and your students' learning?
  • Workshops

    Our workshop series provides insight, support and tools for new teachers dealing with the challenges of the classroom.
  • District Support

    In P-12 districts we offer coaching, training and assessment tools, enabling stakeholders to retain teachers, improve teaching strategies and meet standards.