Huskies Showcase

Information for Students and Faculty


Students participation in Huskies Showcase will lead to an enriching and exciting experience and enhance their professional development. Students will have the opportunity to submit reflections that explain how their project exhibits one or more dimensions of Our Husky Compact. Please see Plan your Project for more information about the reflections and what will be required.

Benefits of participating

  • the opportunity to participate in new discoveries and put classroom knowledge into practice
  • the ability to seek and apply knowledge
  • the stimulation that comes with creative and critical thinking
  • the enhancement of skills to community effectively
  • the building of mentor relationships between faculty and students
  • the exploration of career interests
  • the opportunity to build your resume/vitae
  • the recognition and celebration of your scholarly achievements

Benefits to audience members

  • See firsthand the amazing scholarly work that occurs across campus every day.  All disciplines are encouraged to participate! 
  • Learn from your peers; watching others present can assist in enhancing your presentation skills.
  • Provided feedback to your peers; all audience members will be given the opportunity to provide valuable anonymous feedback to presenter
  • You can explore new fields and celebrate with your peers, your classmates, faculty and community members and employers.

Responsibilities and expectations for student presenters

  • Identify and work with their faculty mentor/advisor.
  • Conduct a project guided by their faculty mentor/advisor.
  • Demonstrate knowledge in their academic topic.
  • Illustrate their ability to integrate information about the topic in a specific presentation format.
  • Complete Huskies Showcase registration materials with their faculty mentor/advisor
  • Submit registration materials online by the associated deadlines.
  • Prepare to present their project to a general audience by working with their faculty mentor/advisor.
  • Appropriate citations and references must be provided for all cited content, images, and other media that presenters use in their PowerPoints and videos.  Presenters must have permission to use images, audio, and video created by others in their works.  The University Library provides the following Subject Guide on Creative Commons and Public Domain Licensed Media to use for these purpose.
    Please contact the University Library for more information on how to cite, provide references, and give image credit.

Faculty mentors and advisors

Being a mentor

Each presentation must have a faculty mentor/advisor. Your involvement in the work being presented at Huskies Showcase essential; without you, there can be no celebration of University and community research, creative works and scholarship across all disciplines at the undergraduate and graduate levels.

Please familiarize yourself with the dimensions of Our Huskies Compact and Presentation Types to guide students to the categories most appropriate your student’s project.

Responsibilities and Expectations for Mentor

  • Assist with developing a scholarly project that is within the abilities of the student(s), aligns within the discipline, and is appropriate for the given timeframe.
  • Guide and train student(s) in the proper methodology and techniques for the project.
  • Ensure student(s) has followed the appropriate ethical guidelines and obtained IRB and/or IACUC approval, if applicable.
  • Define timelines and monitor project progress to aid in success for the student.
  • Proofread, provide feedback/editing, and formally approve registration materials prior to student submission – submitted materials will be published “as-is”.
  • Advise and mentor your student(s) throughout their project.
  • Assist student(s) with preparing for their presentation at Huskies Showcase; preview presentations and give appropriate feedback to enhance their quality and learning experience.  Please contact the University Library for more information on how to cite, provide references, and give image credit.

Showcase as a teaching resource

Students from all disciplines will be presenting their best work, therefore, students attending as audience members can learn from their peers how to frame a question, choose a research method, discuss results and respond to an audience. Various presentation formats will highlight work occurring throughout campus. All who attend will have the opportunity to meet and ask questions to student presenters who are displaying their work, posters, displays, exhibits, performances, etc. This is a valuable way to see what's happening across campus.

Beyond serving as a presenters, students may attend sessions as an audience member. By watching others’ present, students learn from and enhance their presentation skills. Some professors require students to attend one or more presentations, including both those from the class discipline and those from outside the discipline, and report learning outcome on the sessions attended. Other professors offer extra credits for their students attending.

Students benefit from participation through:

  • furthering their understanding of their field of study.
  • gaining experience researching and presenting.
  • collaborating with a faculty mentor/advisor.
  • receiving recognition for their work.
  • adding the outstanding experience to their resume.
  • enhancing success in their learning and development.
  • showing pride in showcasing their achievements.
  • preparing for future professional events and opportunities.

Judges and moderators

Being a judge/moderator

Please contact Stephen Janasie if you are interested in being a judge/moderator.