Huskies Showcase


Project Submission Approval Form

Complete and discuss with your faculty mentor/advisor. Upload this form with your registration.

Registration will be open again in spring semester of 2020!


Ready to register?

Step 1: Required registration materials

Meet with Faculty mentor/advisor and complete "Plan your project"

Determine the following:

  • Presentation type
  • Project title
  • Project Description (200-300 word summary of project)
    • Have your mentor/advisor review the abstract and provide feedback to ensure it is of professional quality. All abstracts will be made available to Huskies Showcase participants, so it is critical they are well-written without grammatical and spelling errors.
  • Presenter name(s) and email
  • Faculty Mentor/Advisor(s) name, email and department
  • Type of Experience
    • Academic Experience - compliments your academic degree
    • Co-Curricular - Learning activities that compliment your academic experiences that you do not receive academic credit for
    • Course information if project was part of a course
  • Approximate number of hours to complete project
  • Select competition Opt-In or Opt-Out
  • Most relevant dimension of Our Husky Compact
  • Project Reflection(s) - Only if opt-in to competition

Step 2: Register your presentation

It is highly recommended to have all registration materials ready before you begin registration. If needed, you can save your registration and return at a later date to complete.

Huskies Showcase registration will be open again in spring semester of 2020!

Step 3: Record participation on your official transcript

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In order for your participation to be included on your non-credit transcriptt, each Huskies Showcase participant must submit a request for it to be recorded.