Huskies Showcase

Presentation Tips

Follow the presentation format guidelines

You will have a very specific amount of time to present. Depending on the format of presentation you selected, you will have a defined time limit. Thus, be professional and practice, practice, practice!

  • Structure your talk around 3-5 "take away" points you want the audience to remember, which can be repeated multiple times. This will help keep unnecessary details to a minimum and allow you to highlight your primary message more clearly.
  • Avoid using jargon and technical language. You will be presenting to a broad audience, not just experts in your field, to be able to understand your results.
  • Engage your audience with illustrations. A picture (or graph) is worth a thousand words. The purpose of you giving your presentation in-person is to explain to the audience what the graph illustrates in an easy-to-understand manner.
  • Practice makes perfect, allow yourself enough time to practice your talk at least three times prior to Huskies Showcase --- focus on transitions, eye contact, and rate of speech.

Request feedback from your faculty mentors and Peers

Practice your presentation in front of a diverse audience, including your peers who likely know a lot about your research and can give detailed comments, as well as friends or family outside of your research area who can provide a more general perspective. The more comfortable you feel during your presentation, the clearer your message will be to the audience.

The day of the presentation

  • Dress professionally, your appearance is important.
  • Invites friends and family to your presentation, you will impress them with your achievements, and they will in turn celebrate your success.

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