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2022 Huskies Showcase Winners

Best Our Husky Compact Reflection: Think Creatively and Critically 
Kaylynn Kearns
Faculty Mentor: Tammison Smith, Student Life and Development
Project Title: Analysis of Career Findings from SCSU Data out of National Alumni Career Mobility Survey

Best Dimension of the Year Our Husky Compact Reflection: Communicate Effectively
Ali Beste & Enock Ombengi
Faculty Mentor: Marina Cetkovic-Cvrlje, College of Science and Engineering
Project Title: T-Cell Function and Composition in NOD Mice Exposed to Coca-Cola

Outstanding Gallery Exhibit
Elizabeth Mitchell
Faculty Mentor: Jeff Hegle, Athletics
Project Title: Putin and the Czar: Autocracy and Dissent 

Best Undergradudate Poster Presentation
Claude Haneum Lee
Faculty Mentor: Monica Garcia-Perez, School of Public Affairs
Project Title: Effect of Teleworking on Retirement Age

Runner-Up Undergradudate Poster Presentation
Hunter Harnett & Asma Yusuf
Faculty Mentor: Marina Cetkovic-Cvrlje, College of Science and Engineering
Project Title: Does Coca-Cola consumption potentiate diabetes development in NOD mice?

Best Graduate Poster Presentation
Abdul Khan
Faculty Mentor: Abullah Abu Hussein, Herberger Business School
Project Title: A tool to detect likelihood of scam in a vacation website

Best Graduate Oral Presentation
Leng Yang
Faculty Mentor: Oladele Gazal & Gengyun Le, College of Science and Engineering
Project Title: Evaluation of Pro- and Anti-epileptic Activities of Three Herbal Extracts in the Planaria, Dugesia Dorotocephala

Best Undergraduate Oral Presentation
Timothy Lux, Loren Sohler & Quinn Radeke
Faculty Mentor: Maureen O'Brien, College of Liberal Arts
Project Title: Putin and the Czar: Autocracy and Dissent


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