Human Resources

Advertising Policy

To preserve the educational spirit of the campus and in an effort to exercise some measure of control over the amount and appropriateness of materials displayed in academic facilities, St. Cloud State University requires that the following guidelines be applied when materials are posted in all academic buildings and/or on the kiosks located on institutional grounds.

  1. All materials must be posted on designated bulletin boards or mall kiosks and may not exceed 14” x 22” in size. Materials must be mounted with thumb tacks. Only one announcement per program or event may be affixed to each designated site. Further, materials may not be posted on top of other announcements which have been previously posted.
  2. The following restrictions apply to materials advertising programs and events which are not sponsored by academic or administrative units:
    1. Student organizations must obtain approval from the Director of University Organizations (Atwood Center). Director-managed organizations are exempt from this requirement.
    2. All others must obtain approval from the Director of Facilities Management.
  3. Publicity or displays that could result directly or indirectly in personal gain must also receive approval from the Office of Administrative Affairs (AS205)
  4. Unless otherwise authorized, materials should not be posted any sooner than one week before the announced program or event. Materials should be removed the first class day after the program or event by persons who originally posted the information. Failure to promptly remove materials may result in the refusal to honor future posting requests.
  5. On the last day of each academic semester and/or summer session, the general maintenance staff will remove all announcements posted on designated bulletin boards. The security staff will, likewise, clear mall kiosks of all announcements at this time.

This policy applies to materials posted in all academic and administrative facilities and on institutional grounds. Materials may not be placed on the windshields of student, employee or visitor vehicles for any reason at any time. Persons found in violation of this policy will be charged an hourly clean-up fee.

Those interested in posting materials in campus residence halls or in Atwood Center should refer to the policies adopted by those operations and/or contact the directors of those respective units. Persons unfamiliar with designated posting sites should contact building coordinators. For a complete list of building coordinators, contact Administrative Affairs at 320-308-2286.