Human Performance Lab

Corporate Research


A funded project provides the business with access to university faculty, graduate students, test equipment and facilities. This includes access to other experts and facilities in such areas as science, engineering and statistics, since the Human Performance Lab faculty regularly collaborate with these other faculty/departments.

Lab Equipment: Equipment in the Human Performance Laboratory allows the measurement of the following physiological and mechanical variables.

  1. lung function (VC, FEV1)
  2. endurance capacity (oxygen uptake via lab or telemetered systems)
  3. blood chemistry (cholesterol, glucose, lactate, hematocrit, )
  4. urine chemistry
  5. heart function (EKG electrocardiography)
  6. blood pressure
  7. body composition (skinfolds and hydrostatic weighing)
  8. skin and core temperatures
  9. skin blood flow (Laser Doppler Flowmetry)
  10. tissue oxygenation (pulse oximetry, near-infrared spectroscopy)
  11. power output (ski poling, cycling and treadmill ergometers)
  12. muscle activity (telemetered electromyography EMG)
  13. human movement (digital-video, two and three dimensional)
  14. ground reaction forces (force platform)
  15. acceleration (accelerometers)