Human Performance Lab

Adult Fitness Program

Campus Exercise Facilities

All AFP participants may use exercise facilities in Halenbeck and Eastman. Group exercise sessions (e.g. aerobic dance, stretching…) are also available. Rollerblading, biking, walking and jogging trails/routes surrounding the university are open to the public.

The following paragraphs provide you with an overview of the available campus exercise facilities. For more information, call the Campus Recreation Office (320-308-3325) or visit its website.

For a nominal fee, a secure locker is provided for your use for a semester. Saunas and showers are free.

Halenbeck Hall Facilities:
Student Recreation Center.
25 yard indoor pool.
Badminton, basketball, pickleball, racquetball tennis and volleyball courts.
200 m indoor track.

Eastman Hall Facilities:
Indoor pool.

Group Exercise Sessions:
Contact Campus Recreation (320-308-3325) or the Human Performance Lab (320-308-3105), or visit the Fitness Programs webpage, for information on participating in group exercise sessions.

Rollerblading, Biking, Walking and Running Trails:
Trails and running routes from campus are free for public use. The paved Beaver Island Trail allows rollerblading and biking as well as walking and jogging.

Check the Semester Schedule for current facility hours.

Use of campus exercise facilities is free for SCSU employees.
Non-employees may use the facilities by:

  1. Purchasing an ID card (one time purchase unless lost) and
  2. Paying a user fee for each semester (Fall, Spring and/or Summer) of use.