Human Performance Lab

Adult Fitness Program


Six tests are part of the standard assessment.

  1. Treadmill or cycling exercise test (aerobic fitness is assessed by heart rate, blood pressure, and 12-lead electrocardiographic (EKG) responses).
  2. Body composition (underwater weighing and/or skinfolds).
  3. Pulmonary (lung) function.
  4. Flexibility and abdominal strength.
  5. Total cholesterol screening.
  6. Nutritional analysis.

For participants who are in a higher risk category, a physician monitors the EKG responses (electrical activity of the heart) during the exercise test.

Consultation: Following laboratory testing, results of each evaluation are discussed in detail and plans are made for implementing programs designed for health enhancement. A packet of printed materials and a program T-shirt are presented following the consultation. In addition, a personal fitness and nutrition prescription is developed after the consultation and mailed to the participant.