University Honors Program

Honors Research Colloquium

The Honors Research Colloquium is the culminating experience for first-year Honors students. They showcase their research projects to faculty, students and family.

First-year students are required to take HONS 106 Honors Seminar II. This course is centered on finding connections between general education courses and the value in a liberal arts degree. Students research a topic found through analysis of two of their classes. They write a research paper on the topic and then present findings at the Honors Research Colloquium.

2017 Top Honors

  • Peer Mentor Choice Award:  Jack Wild and Isabelle Miller
  • Best Research:  Fatuma Odowa and Sarah Malinowski
  • Best Visual:  Janice Loh and Hannah Jones
  • Most Creative Connections:  Devon Dvorak and Elizabeth George
  • Best in Show:  Angela O'Flanagan

2016 Top Honors

  • Peer Mentor Choice Award: Carter Paulzine
  • Best Visual: Hannah Austin and Allison Bily
  • Most Creative Connections: Justin Kuta and Isaac Heying
  • Best Research: Matthew Yanta and Arrica Imm
  • Best in Show: Nick O'Hara and Jake Krezowski

2015 Top Honors

  • Best in Show - Justin Winnett: Going for the Gold
  • Most Creative Connection - Drew Seibert: Shakespeare and Code
  • Best Research - Bailey Eiynck: Mr. Mathematics
  • Best Visual/Poster - Cheenou Her: Hellenistic Beliefs on the Origins of Life

2014 Top Honors

  • Associate Provost's Award - Abshiro Mayow; Lauren Hamilton
  • Best Poster - Sara West
  • Best Research - Seth Hennagir; John Simila
  • Most Creative Course Connection - Yazmin A. Juarez Medel
  • Best in Show - Neil Manning

2013 Top Honors

  • The Removal of Recess by Holly O'Neil
  • Got Allergies? by Emma Van Peursem
  • A Leg Up in Construction by Ben Waters
  • It's More than a T-Shirt by Sally Traut
  • So You Want to Change the World, Huh? by Erik Franke