Department of History

Jason Eden

Professor of History

EducationJason Eden

B.A., History (major) and Political Science (minor), University of Wisconsin, Milwaukee, 1996
M.A., History, Northeastern University, 1999
Ph.D. in History (major) and American Studies (minor), University of Minnesota, 2006


Dr. Eden teaches classes in U.S. history and Global History.

In recent years he has taught:

  • Race in America (HIST 109)
  • Colonial North America (HIST 420/520)
  • United States Military History (HIST 445/545)
  • American Families (HIST 451/551)
  • Global History of Drinking (HIST 320)
  • Global Perspectives on Fishing and the Environment (HONS 221)
  • Global Environmental History (HIST 667)

Research Interests

Dr. Eden studies colonial encounters in the Atlantic World (1500-1800), with a particular focus upon age norms, religion, and racial issues.  He recently co-authored a book with his wife, Naomi, who is a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist.  Their study, titled Age Norms and Intercultural Interaction in Colonial North America, is an interdisciplinary analysis of how various groups viewed and treated children, youth, and older adults.  He has also written articles for various academic journals, including The History Teacher and American Indian Quarterly.  He has developed a variety of types of research expertise, including oral interviewing, ethnographic fieldwork, and archival manuscript analysis.

Selected Publications

Co-authored with Naomi Eden, Age Norms and Intercultural Interaction in Colonial North America (Lanham, MD: Lexington Books, 2017).
 "George Weekes: Rogue Missionary to New England Indians, 1731-1755," Journal of Religious History 40 (September 2016): 347-367.
"Are Women Passive? What History Says about Gender, Sexuality, and Christian Ministry," Priscilla Papers 29 (Summer 2015): 15-20.
" 'Therefore Ye Are No More Strangers and Foreigners': Indians, Christianity, and Political Engagement in Colonial Massachusetts," American Indian Quarterly 38 (1) Winter 2014: 36-59.
"Science, Religion, and Racial Justice: A Multicultural Critique of the Theory of Evolution," Proceedings of the Inaugural Faith and Science Conference (Springfield, Missouri: Evangel University, 2011): 277-283.
"Answers to the Question, 'Who Developed Race?'" The History Teacher, 44 (2) Feburary 2011: 169-177.
"Gender and the Puritan Missions to New England Indians, 1620-1750," Priscilla Papers, 24 (4) Autumn 2010: 4-9.
Co-authored with Naomi Eden, "Views of Older Native American Adults in Colonial New England," Cross-Cultural Gerontology, 25 (3) September 2010: 285-298.
"Research Note: How Routinization Affects Power Dynamics at a Family Restaurant Chain," Journal of Foodservice Business Research, 12 (1) Spring 2009: 84-94.

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