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Wellness Coaching

Helping you make changes you're wanting to make

Wellness Coaches are here to empower you and help you to increase:

  • Your ability to set and achieve goals
  • Your sense of belonging at St. Cloud State University
  • Your ability to initiate and maintain wellness-related behaviors
  • Take steps toward becoming the person you want to be

Through personal assessment and empowering, positive conversation, coaches collaborate with students to positively impact these areas of well-being:

  • Emotional 
  • Financial
  • Physical
  • Social
  • Spiritual
  • Academic and Career 

To schedule an appointment


Phone: 320-308-4179

Wellness coaching process

The process of coaching will encourage you to:

  • Become more self-aware and self-accepting
  • Identify and achieve meaningful personal, professional, and academic goals
  • Try new things that bring you greater happiness, well-being, and success
  • Consider what brings you a sense of satisfaction, purpose, and meaning
  • Increase your agency and self-efficacy

Students who use coaching often focus on:

  • More effectively managing stress, emotions, money or time
  • Relationships of all kinds
  • Identifying what matters most to you and building a life around those values
  • Making changes to or time for your physical well-being
  • Academic goals and how to best achieve them
  • Maximizing the strengths that you already possess within you

Coaching sessions

Schedule a coaching session

You can make an appointment by emailing or by calling 320-308-4179.

Once you select a day and time that works for you, you will receive a confirmation e-mail or phone call. 

Check-in for your meeting at the Healthy Huskies/UChoose office, Eastman 111. 

You may be asked if an audio recording can be taken of your coaching session. If you consent to a recording it will be used for coach training and will not be shared with anyone outside Peer Wellness Coaching. After 30 days, this recording will be deleted. You have the right to review this recording with a staff member of Peer Wellness Coaching after your session is complete.

Difference between counseling and coaching

Difference between Counseling and Wellness Coaching
Counseling is a service that supports college students by providing effective treatment for mental health concerns. Wellness coaching is a service that supports college students by enhancing holistic wellness, health and success through empowering conversations about strengths and goals.
Counseling and Psychological Services staff are licensed mental health professionals. Wellness coaching staff are graduate students who have been trained in motivational interviewing and are supervised by a licensed mental health professional. 
Counseling staff collect information about you and your concerns and work with you to decide how to best address them. Counseling staff will come alongside you on your journey toward resolving or managing these concerns. Wellness coaches believe you are the expert you need, and help you identify and trust your distinctive voice so that you can make decisions that are most appropriate for your preferred outcomes.

Both coaching and mental health counseling can be incredibly valuable for students. If you think you’d like to seek treatment for a mental health concern, contact Counseling and Psychological Services (CAPS) at 320-308-3171.

If you want support in navigating transitions in your life, are seeking a safe place to talk through challenges, or want to focus on improving your college experience through focusing on wellness and strengths, then Peer Wellness Coaching might be a great fit for you.

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For general information and to schedule an appointment: or 320-308-4179.

Wellness Coaching is a collaboration between School of Health and Human Services and Healthy Huskies at St. Cloud State University.