Student Health Services

International Student Tuberculosis (TB) Screening

All international students are required to complete Tuberculosis (TB) screening the first week they arrive on campus. Students will be allowed to register their first semester here. Any international student not meeting this requirement will have a hold placed on registration for subsequent semesters.

During International Student Orientation the Center for International Studies (CIS) will direct students to Student Health Services (SHS) during pre-arranged times to complete their screening. Students not able to come to SHS during these times will need to schedule an appointment for a later date. To schedule an appointment go to and schedule an International Student Tuberculosis Screening appointment.

During your TB screening visit you will be asked about your health history and if you are having any current symptoms.

Please bring:

  • If you have had TB infection – medical records and date of diagnosis
  • Details of any TB treatment you have received
  • Results of past TB tests (skin or blood tests)
  • Chest x-ray results
  • Immunization records.

You will also be offered a QuantiFERON®–TB Gold blood test to identify if you have TB germs in your body. Based on your results you may need further testing and medication.

For more information about Tuberculosis - testing and treatment for Latent and Active TB infection go to: