Student Health Services

Electronic Billing

With our recent change to electronic health records, we are now able to provide you with electronic billing. Effective January 1, 2012, Student Health Services will be e-billing! If you have a balance due at Student Health Services, you will receive an email (to your official HuskyNet account) notifying you that you have a secure message from Student Health Services, and you will be given a link to the patient portal. When you log in to the patient portal, you are able to view and print your bill by clicking on Account Summary. Student Health Services will not be sending monthly paper billing statements.

Options for paying your bill at Student Health Services will remain the same.

  • You may come in to Student Health Services and pay the bill, mail us a check, or call us with credit card information to pay the bill. We would be happy to print an itemized receipt upon request.
  • You may continue to arrange payment plans with our cashier if necessary.
  • You may call our cashier and request that your bill be sent to the business office and be added to your other university charges. (A hold will be placed on registration until the bill is paid.) This special request would need to be made each time you receive the message.
  • You may call the cashier to request a paper bill be mailed to you at whatever address you request. This special request would need to be made each time you receive the message.

We have had students and parents request that we send and/or email their bill to the student’s parent. HIPAA (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act) regulations do not permit us to do that. However, students are able to print the bill and send to a parent, or contact them to let them know they have a bill that is due at Health Services.

Reasons for this change include:

  • It will eliminate problems with students not receiving bills due to not having updated addresses, or issues with sending bills to local vs. permanent address (and vice versa). Husky Net Email is the official form of communications on campus, so all students have an email address, which does not change, for official university business.
  • It will save time – our cashier currently spends 1-2 full days per month processing paper statements.
  • It will save money – savings from sending billing statements electronically will be over $3,000 per year in postage and supply cost.
  • It will be more efficient for students – we expect that students will be able to access clinic and pharmacy charges online within 1-2 days of their visit.
  • It will be a more environmentally friendly way to serve students.
  • It will be consistent with other university billing practices. Business Services transitioned to electronic billing four years ago.