Student Health Services

Billing and Payment for Services

Your Clinic Charges

To view your clinic charges, go to Login with your Star ID and password. Click on Account Summary. If you use the pharmacy, you will have a separate bill for those services. If you had lab work done at our clinic, you MAY receive a separate bill from a reference lab, HealthEast Medical Laboratories, or Central Regional Pathology Laboratory, who perform some of the laboratory testing which we are unable to perform in our facility. If you have a question about a bill from another facility, please call them directly. There will be a contact number on the bill you receive for billing questions.

Insurance Billing Procedures

Our clinic is able to bill several major health insurance companies. If you are insured by one of these companies, we will submit your bill to your insurance company for payment* (see next paragraph). Co-payments will be collected from you at the time of your visit. After we have received a response from your insurance company, any remaining balance that your insurance does not pay will be added to your bill. Our relationship is with you, our patient, not your insurance company. We submit your bill to them as a courtesy to you. We cannot guarantee they will pay. If you have questions about your insurance coverage, please call your insurance company at the customer service number on your card.

*At each visit, you will need to provide us with a valid, legible insurance card, along with the subscriber’s (policyholder’s) name, address and birth date. If you do not have this information at the time of your visit, you will need to provide us with this information within 30 days of your visit because insurance companies will not pay for bills that are not sent to them in a timely manner, making you responsible to pay the bill.

If you are insured with an insurance company that we are unable to bill, you are responsible to pay for your charges. We may ask you to sign a waiver. However, you can print a copy of your bill from and submit it to your insurance company if you choose or contact Student Health Services and we can provide the copy to you.

Paying for Your Bill

Bills are sent via secure message in the patient portal at You will receive an email in your St. Cloud State account stating you have a secure message. Full payment of your bill is due 30 days after you receive this email.

If you do not pay your bill before it is due, we will notify the St. Cloud State Business Office, and the bill will be added to your University account. In addition to normal University collection procedures, you will not be allowed to register for future classes, nor will you be allowed a copy of your transcript or grades until your bill has been paid. A $20.00 late fee will be added to your bill when it is forwarded to the St. Cloud State Business Office for non-payment.

Acceptable payment methods: cash, checks, and credit cards (Mastercard, Visa, Discover and American Express).

If you have questions regarding your bill, please call our cashier at 320-308-4856.