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Condom Club

What is Condom Club?

Members of the condom club are eligible to purchase condoms at rates significantly lower than retail price after learning about the importance of and proper use of condoms.

What are the benefits of Condom Club?

  • Condom Club members receive discounted condom purchases (12/$2), dental dams and lubricant.
  • As a member you will receive a FREE Condom Club member button and emails sharing upcoming discounts.

How do you join the Condom Club?

To be eligible for Condom Club, a person must complete a brief educational component. There are two ways to complete the educational requirements for condom club. First, attend a sexual health program presented by Health Promotion on campus. Otherwise, students can watch the "Condom Club Video" at the Healthy Huskies office in Atwood 247. It is just that EASY.

Where do I buy condoms from Condom Club?

You can buy Condom Club condoms at:

  • Health Promotion, AMC 247
  • Student Health Services Cashier, Case-Hill Hall (limited selection)

What styles of condoms are available?

We currently have a dozen different varieties of condoms for sale. Stop by Healthy Huskies office at AMC 247 for an updated list.

Why do I have to watch the Condom Club Video?

Healthy Huskies is committed to enhancing the health and wellness of all students. We do not distribute safer sex materials without also providing health-enhancing education and the opportunity for students to ask questions and receive other health resources.


Gender Medicine

Student Health Services does not provide specialty gender medicine care. However, our support services can useful to students. Lab work orders can be sent to Student Health Services and completed conveniently on campus. Additionally, prescriptions for hormone treatment can be filled at our pharmacy. 

Gender Medicine Clinic at CentraCare Clinic

CentraCare Clinic is excited to announce the expansion of the Sexual Medicine Clinic to include Gender Medicine in 2017. Sexual Medicince services will provide medical care, behavioral health care, and support services that are sensitive to the needs of people on the trans spectrum. Their primary goal is to provide a safe, welcoming, inclusive, and affirming space for all. 

Gender Medicine Program at CentraCare Health 
CentraCare Health Plaza
1900 CentraCare Circle, Suite 2375
St. Cloud, MN



Contraceptives and Birth Control

Contraceptives and Birth Control Methods

Birth Control Health Center


Pregnancy Resources

Student Health Services does not provide Prenatal care to students. Below is a listing of services in our area. 

Prenatal Care Clinics        

CentraCare Obstetrics and Women’s Health  

Health Partners Central MN

St. Cloud Medical Group

  • St. Cloud, MN
  • 320-251-8181
  • Accepts MA

Adoption Agencies

Children’s Home Society of MN

  • St. Paul MN
  • 651-646-7771
  • 651-287-2599 (24-hour pregnancy line)
  • all services offered are free

Lutheran Social Service

Pregnancy Termination

In Minnesota, abortions are completed within the first 20 weeks of pregnancy.

Whole Women’s Health Twin Cities

  • Minneapolis, MN
  • 612-376-7708
  • accepts MA (covers most or all of cost)

Robbinsdale Clinic PA

  • Robbinsdale, MN
  • 763-533-2534
  • Accepts MA

St. Paul Health Center Vandalia St.


Sexually Transmitted Diseases, Infections and HIV

Are you at Risk for STD's/STI's/HIV? 

Anyone having any kind of sex (vaginal, oral or anal) is at risk. In fact, many people infected do not experience symptoms. The only way to know if you are at risk is to get tested. 

It is important to: 

  • Talk to your partner about their sexual history
  • Always use a protective barrier (condom, dam)
  • Get tested annually
Take a quiz and see if you're at risk: STD Wizard

Most common types of Sexually Transmitted Infections and Diseases

General information and treatment suggestions from the Center for Disease Control. 

HIV/AIDS Resources

Clinics for STD/STI testing

Student Health Services, St. Cloud State University

  • Offers STD/STI testing & treatment
  • Most tests and treatments will be covered by your insurance, or will be provided at a reduced rate.
  • Fast, thorough and convenient service


Call: 320-308-3193, or Online:


Planned Parenthood, St. Cloud Clinic

  • Testing & Treatment for STD/STIs
  • Online STD testing

Phone: 320-252-9504

Clinic address: 451 E. St Germain St, Suite 100, St. Cloud, MN 56301

Clinic hours: Mon-Fri 9am-5pm

Website: Planned Parenthood, St. Cloud Clinic


Sexual Assault

Sexual Violence

Victim of Sexual Assault 

Report Sexual Assault

Women's Center

The Women's Center provides advocacy, counseling support, information and resources to address gender-related violence, such as sexual assault, relationship violence and stalking, as well as other issues influencing women’s opportunities, rights and success.