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Condom Club

What is Condom Club?

Condom Club is NOT a recognized Student Organization; however, there are over 1,000 members at St. Cloud State University. Members of the condom club are eligible to purchase condoms at rates significantly lower than retail price after learning about the importance of and proper use of condoms.

What are the benefits of Condom Club?

  • Condom Club members receive discounted condom purchases (12/$2), dental dams and lubricant.
  • As a member you will receive a FREE Condom Club member button and emails sharing upcoming discounts.

How do you join the Condom Club?

To be eligible for Condom Club, a person must complete a brief educational component. There are two ways to complete the educational requirements for condom club. First, attend a sexual health program presented by Health Promotion on campus. Otherwise, students can watch the "Condom Club Video" at the Healthy Huskies office in Atwood 247. It is just that EASY.

Where do I buy condoms from Condom Club?

You can buy Condom Club condoms at the Healthy Huskies Office, Atwood Memorial Center, 247

What styles of condoms are available?

We currently have a dozen different varieties of condoms for sale. Stop by Healthy Huskies office at AMC 247 for an updated list.

Why do I have to watch the Condom Club Video?

Healthy Huskies is committed to enhancing the health and wellness of all students. We do not distribute safer sex materials without also providing health-enhancing education and the opportunity for students to ask questions and receive other health resources.


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