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Graduate Student Forms

All forms are available in PDF unless otherwise noted.


Certificate Completion

Application for the completion of a graduate certificate program. $10 Certificate completion application fee.

Graduate Assistantship Application

Application for employment as a graduate assistant (turn into department of choice).

Graduation and Commencement

Application to be completed at the beginning of the semester in which the work for the degree will be completed.
Application for Graduation fees: $30 masters, $35 doctoral.

General Graduate Forms

Change of Adviser

For changing graduate advisers.

Committee Approval Form
Request approval of a culminating project committee..

External to SCSU Committee Member Request Form
Request approval of a committee member external to SCSU (community member, faculty member at another institution, etc.).

Undergraduate Permission to take Graduate Courses

For undergraduates who wish to enroll in a graduate courses (submit form to the School of Graduate Studies).

Graduate Overload Petition

To seek permission to enroll in more than 15 credits per semester during the academic year or 15 credits during intersession, summer sessions I and II.

Individual Study Approval Form

To register for 501, 600. 790-795, 890 and other independents study or arranged courses.

Leave of Absence "Stop Out" Request

To request a leave of absence or "stop out" period from a graduate program.

Petition Form

For making class requests, changes to required courses and adding a second or double major.


Registration Petition
For late withdrawal/drop or late add requests (3 page pdf)

Program of Study Form

For filing a program of study with the School of Graduate Studies.