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Graduate Student Awards, Publications, Presentations
and Other Good Work

Check out These Quick Facts (pdf) about Graduate STudents at SCSU

Case Study Winners from SCSU.

A team of SCSU students won the First Place award in the APICS Great Lakes District Case competition in Chicago, February 2013. The competition is open to teams from across the nation. The students are: Jared Williams and Joseph Kucan undergraduate students from the Herberger Business School; and Ling Li and Mayur Mohite graduate students from the Engineering Management program. APICS is an international society in the field of Operations and Supply Chain Management. With over 45,000 members from industry and academia worldwide, APICS is the leader in educational materials and certification exams in the field.

The SCSU team competed against 22 other teams from Purdue, Ball State, Northern Illinois University, University of Wisconsin (various locations), Indiana State University, Western Michigan University, and others. Professor Alex Polacco was the faculty advisor. The team will now represent the Heartland District and the Great Lakes District at the International Conference Case competition in Orlando, FL in September.

President's Student Leadership Award Winner

Emmanuel Oppong, graduate student in the M.S. in Community Counseling and graduate certificate in Chemical Dependency programs will receive the President's Student Leadership Award at the 2013 Minnesota Campus Compact Annual Summit and Awards Luncheon April 1 at Hamline University, St. Paul.







Albers, Lacey, Regional Conference. Technology and Supervision, Kansas City MO

Bland, E. & Rudrud, E. (2013) Using an iPad to Choose and Order Breakfast Items.  7th Annual Autism Conference, Portland, OR.

Edrisinha, C., Estrem, T., Gudding, J., Carpenter, M., Ross, B., & Steffes, A. (2012). A preliminary examination of Proto-SIB behavior in young children. International Neurorehabilitation Conference, Jasper, Canada.

Koehler-Platten, K.A., Grow, L.L., Schulze, K.A., & Bertone, T.S. (2012). Using a Lag Reinforcement Schedule to Increase Phonemic Variability in Children with Developmental Delays. (Poster) Association of Behavior Analysis International. Seattle, WA.

Kuyumjian, A., Taubman, M., Rudrud, E., Schulze, K., McEachin, J., & Leaf, R. (2012) Utilizing teaching interactions to facilitate social skills in the natural environment.  California Association for Behavior Analysis. Garden Grove, Ca.

Lobermeier, A. Schulze, K.A., Roberts, S. (2012). The Effects of Teaching Appropriate Play on Stereotypy and Inappropriate Behavior of a Child with Autism. (Poster) Minnesota Northland ABA Maple Grove, MN.

McCollough, C. & Rudrud, E. (2013) Wearing Goggles:  A Study in Desensitization.  7th Annual Autism Conference, Portland, OR.

Taylor, J. & Rudrud, E. (2013) Using iPad to Request Assistance to Find Missing Objects.  7th Annual Autism Conference, Portland, OR.

Tober, E., DeQuinzio, J.A., Taylor, B.A., & Rudrud, E. (2012) Increasing Pretend Play Skills by a Toddler With Autism: Maintenance and Generalization of Responding.  Association for Behavior Analysis International – 6th Annual Autism Conference. Philadelphia, Pa.

Tober, E., Schulze, K.A., DeQuinzio, J.A., & Taylor, B.A. (2012). Teaching Children with Autism to Respond to a Peer's Request to Share. (Poster) Autism New Jersey, Atlantic City, NJ.

Warling-Spiegel, Ashley, Schulze, K.A., Larsson, E. (2012). A Comparison of Dynamic and Brief Multiple Stimulus without Replacement Preference Assessments with Children with Autism. (Poster) Minnesota Northland ABA Maple Grove, MN.



Cheung, Y., Schulze, K.A., Leaf, J.B., & Rudrud, E.H. (2012). Teaching Community Skills to Individuals with Autism Using Self-Management. Manuscript submitted for publication.

Koehler-Platten, K.A., Grow, L.L., Schulze, K.A., & Bertone, T.S. (2012). Using a Lag Reinforcement Schedule to Increase Phonemic Variability in Children with Developmental Delays. Manuscript submitted for publication.

Kuyumjian, A., Taubman, M.T., Rudrud, E., Schulze, K.A., McEachin, J.J., & Leaf, R.B. (in press). Utilizing Teaching Interactions to Facilitate Social Skills in the Natural Environment. Education and Training in Autism and Developmental Disabilities.

Lanovaz, M. J., Rapp, J. T., & Ferguson, S. (in press). Role of preference on the effects of noncontingent music on vocal stereotypy. Journal of Applied Behavior Analysis.

Lanovaz, M. J., Sladeczek, I. E., & Rapp, J. T. (in press). Effects of noncontingent music on vocal stereotypy and toy manipulation in children with autism spectrum disorders. Behavioral Interventions.

Rapp, J. T., Marvin, K. L., Nystedt, A., Swanson, G. J., Paananen, L., & Tabatt, J. (2012). Response repetition as an error-correction procedure for acquisition of math facts and math computation. Behavioral Interventions, 27, 16–32.

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Watkins, N. & Rapp, J. T. (in press). The convergent validity of the questions about behavioral function scale and functional analysis for problem behavior displayed by individuals with autism spectrum disorder. Research in Developmental Disabilities.

Gordon, R. (2012)."Difficulties in Learning Prepositions and Possible Solutions" in Linguistic Portfolios. The Year's Best Student Papers and Reports.

Gordon, R. (in press). "Vowel Project: Analysis of a Native-Japanese Speaker" in Linguistic Portfolios. The Year's Best Student Papers and Reports.


Hesse, Samantha L., “Mandala”. University of Minnesota’s Center for Spirituality & Healing magazine.

Malone, Kayla., Camp Ripley Annual Report (page 8). <>

Malone, Kayla., Camp Ripley Training Center 2011 Conservation Report (page 23-28).


Scholarships and Awards

Paul Richard Keyworth, TESL. Recipient of the 2012-13 Pamela Weiss Memorial Scholarship and the Lawrence B. and Clara S. Coard Memorial Scholarship

Malone, Kayla.,Biology. Recipient of the 2012-13 George Freidrich Endowment scholarship

Max Minor, Biology, an M.S. student of Dr. Heiko Schoenfuss, won a best presentation award at the 2013 meeting of the Society of Toxicology and Chemistry (SETAC). The title of his presentation was "Effluent-impacted systems: effects on wildlife diversity, behavior, and morphology".

Rosemary D. Fisher, Health and Human Services, Communication Sciences and Disorders, 2013 SCSU Excellence in Leadership Recipient

Tricia Simon, Health and Human Services, College Counseling and Student Development, 2013 SCSU Excellence in Leadership Recipient

Margaret A. Vanderwarn, Education, Special Education, 2013 SCSU Excellence in Leadership Recipient

Paula V. Woischke, Health and Human Services, Gerontology, 2013 SCSU Excellence in Leadership Recipient



Applied Behavioral Analysis students will complete over 13,000 hours of internship in 2012-13.

Community Counseling Students each complete 700 hours of practicum for a total of 14,000 hours for 2012-13.

Marriage and Family Therapy students each complete 600 hours of internship for a total of 9,600 hours in 2012-13.

Master of Social Work students will complete 13,000 hours of field placements in 2012-13

Higher Education students completed 1500 hours of practicum at MnSCU institutions during the 2012-13 academic year.


Student Organization Leadership

Graduate students serve as president, vice president, secretary, treasurer, publicity chair, membership chair and as active members in a number of student organizations including:

  • Biology Graduate Student Association
  • University Student Conduct Board
  • Statistics Club
  • Social Responsibility Student Organization
  • Students Organized for Change
  • Advocates for Animals and the Environment
  • Secular Student Organization
  • Economic Association
  • MSW Organization
  • Graduate Student Organization
  • HSO
  • ASIA 
  • Emerging College and University Professionals Organization
  • SCSU Cycling Club
  • SCSU Chess Club
  • Kaleidoscope
  • Chinese Students and Scholars Association

Professional Association Memberships

  • Minnesota Academy of Science
  • ACPA – College Educators International
  • NAPBIRT -- National Association of Professional Band Instrument Repair Technicians
  • MARRCH -- Minnesota Association of Resources for Recovery and Chemical Health
  • MSSA -- Minnesota Social Service Association
  • FBI Law Enforcement Executive Development Association
  • Wisconsin Association of Homicide Investigators
  • Wisconsin Association for Identification
  • International Association of Property & Evidence
  • NPPA -- National Press Photographers Association
  • Education Minnesota
  • NASPA -- Student Affairs Administrators in Higher Education
  • MCPA – Minnesota College Personnel Association
  • ACCED-I -- Association of Collegiate Conference & Events Directors-Intl
  • NACA – National Association for Campus Activities
  • ACUI
  • NASW -- National Association of Social Workers
  • The Acoustical Society of America
  • MinneTESOL
  • United States Chess Federation

Other Good Work



Accepted to Doctoral Programs


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