Higher Education Administration (M.S.)

Practicum Experience

With a practicum, you'll earn hands-on experience relevant to your career goals and geographical location. You will be exposed to an area of higher education to acquire experience and competencies that prepare you for your career aspirations.

Your practicum coordinator and site mentor will assist you in developing goals and objectives for your experience. Your site mentor will provide high-quality experiences to achieve those goals.

Practicum Purpose

The practicum experience provides you with a 100-150 hour exposure to an area of your interest in Higher Education Administration and allows you to apply your knowledge in a college or university setting under supervision.

The part-time work experience enables you to organize, synthesize and process new information using cognitive, affective and physical learning.

The experience gives you time to practice and modify your knowledge and skills. In addition to gaining insight regarding the operation of a functional area of higher education, practicum students gain a view of the inter-relationship among associated functional areas. A practicum may also serve to generate, develop and refine skills in program development, administration, research and other aspects of higher education.

Selecting a Practicum

The program is flexible regarding selection of practicum sites as long as they provide good learning experiences for you in line with your interests and future career goals, as well as the opportunity for you to apply knowledge gained from your coursework.

The selection of an appropriate practicum site is important. Care should be exercised to ensure an optimal site placement, which will both inform and challenge your abilities.

Refer to your Professional Development Plan (PDP), Dispositions assessment and Competencies assessment, and consider particular practicum sites and student learning goals that will help you strengthen the areas in which you need growth or improvement.

  • The site mentor must hold a master’s degree or higher to supervise a practicum.
  • Students are responsible for identifying a site and site mentor at least two weeks prior to the beginning of the practicum.
  • Attend the mandatory Practicum Orientation with a signed and completed Memorandum and Agreement, including three measurable goals.