Educational Administration and Leadership (Post-Master Graduate Certificate or Specialist)

Post-Master vs. Specialist

The main difference between the post-master graduate certificate and the specialist degree is that the post-master graduate certificate can be completed in 30 credits and does not require a thesis. The specialist degree can be completed in 36 credits with the additional credits relating to research courses and the writing of a thesis.

The specialist degree is recognized throughout the nation and provides a springboard for those interested in continuing to pursue a doctorate of education or a Ph.D. in education administration.

Post-Master's Degree

Specific coursework for each administrative licensure is determined through a pre-assessment of Minnesota licensure competencies during a student’s first semester enrollment in Introduction to Education.

  • During the course, faculty will review a student’s academic and professional credentials and provide a list of courses needed to complete licensure requirements.
  • Admitted certificate students are able to apply for and receive federal financial aid (based on individual financial eligibility).
  • Upon completion of the program, a graduate will be eligible to apply for licensure: K-12 principal, special education director or superintendent.
  • Apply for completion and a post-master graduate certificate will be transcribed on your transcript.
  • You can apply for and be considered for financial aid and graduate assistantships.

Specialist Degree

  • The program includes a core of pre-professional leadership courses and academic experiences appropriate to the particular program. 
  • A minimum of 36 credits, including a thesis is required. 
  • Students holding a specialist or higher degree will complete a minimum of 16 credits, including a field study, to earn a second specialist degree.
  • Apply to graduate and a specialist degree will be transcribed on your transcript.
  • You can apply for and be considered for financial aid and graduate assistantships. 

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