Community Education Director (Graduate Certificate)

Requirements and Details


Complete admission and program requirements are found in the University Catalog.

Minnesota Administrative Licensure Requirements

Currently the state of Minnesota requires that applicants for administrative licensure have at least three years teaching experience or be eligible to apply for alternative licensure.

Licensure requires a Master’s of Science in Educational Leadership/Administration plus 30 semester credits, obtainable through the sixth-year graduate certificate licensure tracks or the specialist degree program. A final portfolio assessment is also required of licensure candidates.

More information is available at the Board of School Administrators


When applying for a doctoral program, the School of Graduate Studies serves as a liaison between the applicant and the master's program. Application materials are completed online and processed by the School of Graduate Studies.

Once all application materials are received, Graduate Studies will forward materials to the master's program for review. Thereafter, an admission recommendation will be forwarded to Graduate Studies for a final decision and notification to the applicant.

Non-Degree Seeking Application

If you would like to take courses without pursuing a degree or would like to begin coursework before you are formally accepted to St. Cloud State, you can register as a Special Student.

Once you have registered as a Special Student, you can activate your StarID. Your StarID allows you to access to the university’s Online Services. 

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