St. Cloud State University Foundation

When you make a gift to the St. Cloud State University Foundation, you join with other alumni, parents, friends, faculty, and staff who "give back" each year so that today’s students are afforded the same opportunity for success as past generations. All of those gifts—most under $50—add up in a big way!

So even if you can part with only a few dollars, you can still do your part for a better St. Cloud State. And since you can designate your contribution for financial aid, any academic department or college, student organization, Husky athletic team or other officially recognized area of the University, you can support what matters most to you.  Every gift matters. Make yours today!

Academic Programs

Annual gifts made to the program fund of any of St. Cloud State’s six schools and colleges:  Herberger Business School, College of Liberal Arts, School of Health and Human Services, School of Public Affairs, College of Education and Learning Design and the College of Science & Engineering, have an immediate and direct impact on the student experience.  Co-curricular and experiential learning opportunities for students and resources for faculty are just a few of the ways in which school and college funds impact student success.

Every Gift Matters. Make Yours Today.

Additionally, gifts may be made to any established academic department fund to provide a direct benefit to students studying in that discipline. Thank you for your commitment to support student success!

Athletic Programs

Whether in the classroom, on the field, or in the community, St. Cloud State student-athletes talk about the commitment it takes to excel and the responsibility that comes with wearing the red & black. And while our competitive results are very visible, those in the classroom are even more important.  In 2014-15 Huskies student-athletes achieved a 3.10 combined GPA. 

Just as we depend on our student-athletes for commitment, St. Cloud State relies upon its fans to provide the “home field advantage” through their pride in the stands.  And the same could be said of those who support Huskies Athletics.  Scholarships are essential to effectively recruit SCSU’s student athletes.  Facilities, equipment and travel are integral to providing the practice and game experiences the University desires for its student-athletes.  None of it happens without the support of the Huskies’ biggest fans. Alumni. Friends. You. 

Whether you direct your gift in support of the Huskies Fund for the general operations of Athletics or to the team that matters most to you, you’ll make a direct and immediate impact on the success of our program and help us continue building a community of champions at SCSU.

Every Gift Matters! Make Yours Today.

Student Life

What happens in class is vitally important, but students don’t spend all of their time in the classroom.  Learning and personal growth takes place outside of the classroom too.  That's why St. Cloud State makes sure that students have a comfortable, safe and fun living environment outside the classroom where additional opportunities for learning happen. Thanks to nearly 250 clubs and organizations, there's always something exciting to do with the opportunity to meet new friends, expand interests and grow leadership skills.  Greek life, international student organizations, Spring Break service trips, academic fraternal organizations, and intramural sports are just a few of the activities available to students.

When you make a gift in support of student life you’ll help students in their educational journey as they further develop important leadership skills and make invaluable connections across the SCSU campus community - an important contribution to their success!

Every Gift Matters. Make Yours Today.

University Library at the Miller Learning Resources Center

At the center of any great university is its library. The University Library at the Miller Learning Resources Center provides St. Cloud State University students with a warm and inviting environment filled with the resources, tools and dedicated staff to assist them in their academic pursuits.  

Whether it’s books or other media, research, consultations with writing tutors, navigating citation styles, creating a bibliography, borrowing media equipment to assist with a project or securing a meeting space to work on a team project, the Library at the Miller Learning Resources Center offers essential support to students throughout their academic journey at St. Cloud State.  

Gifts to the Library support the core delivery of services and resources to students including the latest technologies, provide for visiting authors and speakers, and other notable programming that energizes the campus, help preserve SCSU’s archives and allows the Dean and their leadership team to ensure that the library maintains its important position in delivering student success.

Every Gift Matters. Make Yours Today.


For many students at St. Cloud State, work, state and federal grants and loans don’t go far enough to meet their cost-of-attendance needs.  That’s why annual scholarships play such a critical role in helping SCSU students achieve their dream of earning their degree.

Gifts for annual scholarships may be designated for any school, college or athletic team. And because gifts for annual scholarships can come in any size, they are joined with gifts from other supporters to create meaningful impact on the lives of SCSU students.  

The St. Cloud State University Foundation also offers donors an opportunity to create a "named" annual scholarship with a commitment of $5,000 ($1,000 per year over 5 years).  Endowed scholarships ($25,000) offer an opportunity to create a living legacy that will benefit deserving SCSU students for generations to come.  You can learn more by contacting the Foundation.  Both are great ways to honor a loved one or someone special to the donor.

Every Gift Matters. Make Yours Today.

Area of Greatest Need

Gifts designated for the "Area of Greatest Need" provide University leaders with critical financial flexibility for each academic year.  With SCSU’s endowment largely focused on scholarships, unrestricted gifts provide the University with the means to deal with unexpected challenges as well as the ability to pursue identified opportunities.

Every Gift Matters. Make Yours Today.