St. Cloud State University

Huskies 1st Four Days: August 19-22, 2021


Students attending the On Campus track will be placed into an orientation small group, where you’ll connect with an Orientation Leader and other new students around a shared interest or identity. You can choose from any of the options below! Students who attend the Self-Paced course will be placed into a group based on your major.

Age 25+ Students:You know your college experience may look a bit different than younger students, so join this group to connect with others over the age of 25!

American Football:People passionate about watching, playing, and discussing all things American football.

Astrology Lovers:Do you love finding out what other people's astrology sign is? Do you have an astrology app you look at often? Come connect with other astrology lovers!

Creative Huskies:Calling all artistic minded students! Anybody who loves to paint, write, draw, or create: This is the group for you.

Dancers:If you love to dance, join this group to meet other dancers and learn about the dance groups and studios on campus.

Disney:Fans What's your favorite Disney movie? This group is for students who love all things Disney! Whether you love the movies or going to the parks, come join us!

Environmental & Outdoors:This group is for all new Huskies who care about the environment, and love being outdoors. If you love spending time hiking, boating, being on the lake, and enjoying nature this group is for you.

First Generation College Students:You're the first in your family to go to college, take pride in that! We know you might have specific questions or unique challenges—this group will help you get connected and supported.

Fitness & Working Out:This group is for anybody who loves the gym, wants to join a group fitness class, or wants to start their fitness journey.

Harry Potter Fans:This group is for students who love the Harry Potter movies. Which Hogwarts house are you? Come find fellow Harry Potter fans!

Hunting & Fishing:This group is for students who are passionate about hunting and fishing.

Marvel Fans:This group is for students who love the Avengers and other Marvel characters. Whether you love Marvel movies or comics, join us!

Multicultural Students:Join this group to meet other students from multicultural identities and learn about resources to support you.

Musicians & Singers:This group is for students who have a passion for music. Whether you play an instrument or your voice is your instrument, join our group!

Out of State Students:This group is for domestic students from states other than Minnesota. Get connected with other students who can't easily run home for the weekend.

Photographers:Passionate about photography? Looking to connect with other aspiring photographers, come join us! Maybe you'll find a friend that you can share your photography secrets with!

Plant Parents:Is your room covered with plants? You have to go into the plant section at every store? This group is for just that, come find fellow students that share a passion for owning plants.

Pre-Professional Majors:SCSU offers many programs that prepare you for graduate/professional school. This group is for students interested in pre-chiropractic, dentistry, law, medicine, mortuary science, occupational therapy, optometry, pharmacy, physical therapy, physician assistant, and veterinary medicine.

Small Town:Are you from a small town? Join this group to get acclimated to living in a suburban area with 100,000 people and to meet others who grew up with similar experiences.

Social Media Enthusiasts:Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter, Facebook, and more! If you are always on your phone posting, liking, sharing memes, and chatting, this group is for you.

Study Abroad:For students who have an interest in studying abroad during their time at SCSU.

Tik Tokers:What does your FYP look like? Whether it's learning the dances or watching hauls, if you spend most of your time on TikTok, this is the group for you.

Undecided Majors:Not quite sure what you want to major in? That's okay, and you're not alone! This group will help you think about your interests and connect you to resources to help you make that decision.

Volunteering:Excited about helping with service projects during orientation? Join this group if you're interesting in volunteering in our community.

Volleyball:People passionate about watching, playing, and discussing all things volleyball.