Office of Finance and Administration

Budget Update #3 — February 7, 2003

As the budget situation facing St. Cloud State University continues to unfold, I wanted to provide the campus community with the most up-to-date information regarding that planning process.

Following is a list of key events that will be occurring during the month of February. I felt it was important for everyone on campus to have this information as we move forward.

  • Feb. 12-13: NCHEMS campus visit
  • Feb. 14: Campus-wide budget meeting
  • Feb. 18: Governor’s budget recommendations
  • Feb. 19: MnSCU preliminary allocation
  • Feb. 27: February 2003 Forecast
  • Feb. 27: FA Meet and Confer

As you know, the filling of faculty positions on campus has been halted. We have developed criteria that will be used to determine which open positions will be re-authorized for hiring.

Criteria for Re-authorizing a Position:

  1. Position is necessary to provide basic instructional core of academic programs and maintain programmatic integrity of the university’s offerings.
  2. Departmental enrollment trends, number of majors, and average class size demonstrate need for position.
  3. Department’s workload and course distribution are appropriate for the discipline.
  4. Need for special expertise.
  5. Anticipated vacancies in department.
  6. Adjuncts are not available.
  7. Position is consistent with university’s mission and vision.

Criteria for Deciding upon Probationary or Fixed-term Position:

  1. Relative cost.
  2. Availability of fixed-term candidates.
  3. Program viability.

We are scheduling open campus meetings regarding SCSU’s budget reduction process. The first campus-wide budget meeting will be held from 2 to 4 p.m. on Friday, February 14, in Brown Hall Auditorium. I encourage everyone to attend and participate in the process.

I also encourage you to visit SCSU’s budget web site at for additional information and to provide your own budget suggestions.

I appreciate your continued support as we move through this difficult time together.

Roy H. Saigo