Facilities Management

General Policies

Building Maintenance and Repair

Routine maintenance is provided by various craft workers. If you would like to request repair or have a question regarding maintenance, you may contact the maintenance staff at 320-308-3166, 24 hours a day. Work orders are scheduled by date received, urgency of request and availability of appropriate crafts person.

Cleaning and Event Setup

Each building has General Maintenance Workers (GMWs) assigned to do daily cleaning, trash removal and recycling. GMWs are responsible for special event arrangements, clearing of snow near buildings, light bulb replacement and periodic special cleaning such as washing windows, waxing floors and shampooing carpets. Staffing levels limit the frequency of various cleaning tasks. If you require special service, you may either request it of the GMW in your building, or you may phone 308-3166.

Grounds Maintenance and Snow Removal

The University's 100 acres, including the main campus and Selke Field, are maintained by grounds personnel. The staff manages mowing, trimming, planning/development of irrigation systems, flower planting, and tree pruning/planting. Campus walks, roads and parking lots are plowed by grounds personnel and other crafts people. Entrances to buildings and near-by steps are cleared by the respective building GMWs. The snow removal policy is based on the intensity and timing of storms. If inadequately cleared or sanded areas are observed, please contact the Facilities Management Office at 320-308-3166 for assistance.

Recycling and Trash Removal

Recycling is encouraged. Receptacles for aluminum, trash and paper are provided across campus. Any paper without food contamination may be placed unsorted in appropriate containers. Confidential materials are destroyed on a regular basis. Provisions are also made to recycle many other materials, byproducts and waste on campus. This voluntary system of recycling and trash reduction is dependent on your efforts and encouragement of others. Recycling saves the University disposal costs, reduces the need for new resources and improves the environment. Phone 320-308-3166 for information.

Energy Management and HVAC

The Energy Management System (EMS) provides computerized control of HVAC systems and much of the exterior lighting on campus. The EMS is programmed to accommodate building schedules which have been provided to Facilities Management by various offices across campus. The schedule is reviewed and revised weekly for special events or changes. Control systems can usually be rescheduled by calling 308-3166 and informing the operating engineer. In general, if you want systems turned on, you must provide a specific time for them to be returned to normal operation. Your care in energy use on campus will save resources and money.

Parking Facilities Maintenance

Parking facilities are maintained by Facilities Management. Parking permits and parking enforcement are managed by Public Safety.

Freight Delivery

Freight and packages are delivered to receiving at Facilities Maintenance Building. These shipments are checked for damage and against copies of purchase orders. This often requires that packages be opened. The material is then delivered. This service is not intended for personal packages. If you expect packages that require special handling or are perishable, contact the Facilities Management Office prior to the expected delivery.