Employment Procedures

Guidelines for Use of Recruitment Funds for Faculty

Limited funds are available to St. Cloud State to pay the costs of bringing prospective faculty members to campus for interviews for tenure track positions. In an effort to utilize these funds as equitably as possible, it is necessary to observe the following policies and procedures. Any exceptions to these policies must be approved by the appropriate Dean and the Vice President of Academic Affairs.

Expense reimbursement will be provided for a maximum of three candidates per tenure track position. Academic Affairs will reimburse up to $900 of each candidate’s expenses. Any expense exceeding $900 will be reimbursed by the hiring department. Except for local candidates, telephone interviews should be conducted for fixed-term positions.
  1. Travel: Expenses will be reimbursed as follows
    1. Out-of-State Candidates: Reimbursement will be authorized for out-of-state travel on the basis of air coach fare or actual miles at the current state bargaining agreement rate (whichever is less). Search and screen committee chairs should encourage candidates to seek least expensive travel arrangements. Candidates may use Executive Express from the Twin Cities airport. When possible it is desirable to pick up candidates at the airport. Receipts are required for airfare and ground transportation. (see also Airfare expenses)
    2. In-State Candidates: Travel within the State of Minnesota will be reimbursed at the current state bargaining agreement rate per mile. (See also Vehicle expenses)

  2. Lodging: If the candidate is lodged at a hotel/motel, he/she is required to pay his/her own expenses and to submit a Travel Expense Report for reimbursement. The Search Committee member assigned to assist the candidate will provide this form and assist in completing and submitting it. It is NOT St. Cloud State University’s policy for employees or non-employees to bill the University directly. (See also Lodging)

  3. Meals: The cost of meals while in St. Cloud may be reimbursed to candidates subject to requirements and limitations of the State of Minnesota. Candidates for faculty positions are eligible for reimbursement for the actual cost of meals up to the maximum allowable under the terms of the IFO collective bargaining agreement. If costs of meals are less than the maximum allowable, as is often the case with meals on campus, actual costs must be reported on the Travel Expense Report. Meals for St. Cloud State University personnel will not be reimbursed, nor will St. Cloud State University personnel be reimbursed for purchase of a candidate’s meal. (For current maximum meal allowances and other meal reimbursement details, see Meal allowances)

  4. Candidates currently employed by another agency of the State of Minnesota are subject to other regulations for processing reimbursement.

Business Office Procedures

The Business Office will process only those requests that have been approved by the Vice President for Academic Affairs. Steps for use of funds include:

  1. After the Equity & Access Office has approved the candidates to be brought to campus for interviews, the secretary of the hiring department should obtain the following information and set up a vendor number to reimburse non-state employees: candidates’ names, home mailing addresses and Social Security numbers. (NOTE: This process takes approximately 2-3 weeks to complete.) If exceptions to these procedures are necessary, call Academic Affairs 8-4909.

  2. Be sure that candidates understand before they travel to St. Cloud State for interviews that they must pay all expenses. St. Cloud State personnel may not be reimbursed for paying a candidate’s expenses. Reimbursement, subject to the guidelines, will be made 3-4 weeks after submission of the required Travel Expense Report with all required receipts for travel and lodging included. Do not permit anyone to charge any expenses directly to St. Cloud State.

  3. When the candidates are on campus for interviews, they should sign a copy of the Travel Expense Report. If receipts for all lodging and travel are not available at this time, it may be necessary for a candidate to sign a blank or partially completed Travel Expense Report and submit the receipts upon completion of travel. Another convenient way to accomplish this is to schedule a meeting with a Business Office Representative in the payroll office during the candidate’s visit to campus, so that all the paperwork can be completed correctly at that time.

  4. The Dean or Administrative Director signs as “supervisor” on the Travel Expense Report.
Please forward the completed Travel Expense Report, receipts for travel and lodging (receipts for meals desirable) to the Office of Academic Affairs, AS 209.