Position Descriptions - Classified positions

Classified positions

  1. New position:
    1. Complete the Classified Position Description form.
    2. Submit the form to Human Resources with a current organizational chart and memo from the supervisor explaining why the need for the new position and where the job duties came from.
    3. Also send the position description via email to humanresources@stcloudstate.edu.
    4. The position will be reviewed by HR for recommendation to an appropriate classification--this recommendation will be communicated to the hiring supervisor for agreement/approval.
    5. The paperwork is then sent to the Office of the Chancellor for classification approval. The vacancy cannot be announced until the classification is approved and the Request to Hire is submitted and approved.
  2. Current position
    1. Review the position description and make appropriate revisions before submitting to HR for review.
    2. Once reviewed and approved, send an updated and signed original position description to Human Resources.
    3. Also send it via an email attachment to humanresources@stcloudstate.edu.
  3. Essential Functions
    Classified position descriptions have a section in the PD called Essential Functions. These are job requirements standardized across most positions in a given class and are critically important in the event of disability, legal action, injury or termination.  It is important that supervisors verify that the essential functions on all PDs accurately apply to the position.