Emergency Preparedness

General Procedures

  • Consider your own safety.
  • Protect and warn others as much as possible.
  • Call 911 and:
    • Describe the emergency (fire, medical, crime, etc.).
    • Give address and location of emergency and your phone number
    • In circumstances involving an armed and/or violent person, offer details observed such as:      
      • Number of subjects
      • Exact location where subject(s) entered the building
      • Time subject(s) entered building
      • Type of weapon(s) (e.g. rifle, shotgun, pistol)
      • Description of subject(s) (e.g. gender, race, height, weight, build distinguishing features, hair color and length, clothing details)
      • If subject(s) were observed before entering the building and was exiting a vehicle, describe the vehicle (e.g. make, model, color, license plate number and state, where vehicle is parked)
      • As time and circumstances permit, call SCSU Public Safety (320-308-3333)
      • Follow building's emergency plan if appropriate.

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