Emergency Preparedness

Fire Emergency

If you discover or suspect smoke or a fire:


  • Remain calm and sound the alarm- pull lever on nearest red fire alarm call box.
  • Evacuate immediately.
  • Call 911 and give:      
    • Location of fire, including building name and room number/campus location (see campus map/building addresses section).
    • Your name and telephone number.
    • Give a description of the fire (what's burning, size of fire).
  • If you're not in immediate danger, assist others.
  • Leave the building, using stairwells/evacuation route. DO NOT use elevators.
  • Close, but DO NOT lock doors unless security is of great concern and doing so does not increase risk to yourself or others.
  • If you sounded the alarm or have knowledge of the location of the fire, wait near the building entrance to give the fire department personnel directions to the site of the fire.
  • Once individuals are assembled a safe distance from the building, account for all known to have been in your area at the time of the alarm activation.

If  you are in a burning building:

  • Call 911 and give the location including the building name and room number.
  • Stay close to the floor. If possible, place wet towel over nose and mouth.
  • Touch doors before exiting. If doors are hot, DO NOT open. Attempt to exit through alternative exit or window.
  • If exit is not possible, open windows. Hang something available such as clothing from the window and call for help.
  • DO NOT panic, DO NOT attempt to fight the fire, DO NOT block entrances.

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