Emergency Preparedness

Disruptive Behavior

  • Remain calm to avoid provoking disruptive individual(s).
  • If there is immediate danger, request the individuals leave the area.
  • If it fails, ask someone to leave the area and call SCSU Public Safety (320-308-3333).
  • Maintain a safe distance from the suspect until emergency personnel arrive. Do not attempt to subdue the individual; avoid direct eye contact.
  • If the situation becomes threatening before SCSU Public Safety personnel have arrived, call 911 and remove all from area.
  • If there appears to be no immediate danger, a complaint should be filed with Public Safety, Residential Life (if appropriate), Division of Student Affairs or Women’s Center.
  • Other campus resources that may provide consultation are:

Suicidal Threat

  • Take all threats seriously.
  • Try to talk to individual and calmly discuss you concerns to help deescalate the crisis.
  • Keeping yourself safe is still the number one priority. DO NOT put yourself in any intentional harm.
  • Call 911 and explain the incident
  • DO NOT leave student alone and leave
  • If non-emergency refer individual to Counseling and Psychological
  • Services: 320-308-3171 

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