Emergency Preparedness

Containment/Lockdown Procedures

Containment- A security and safety measure which controls and limits access into campus buildings. The purpose of containment procedures is to ensure the safety of persons inside campus buildings when a threat has been identified in the immediate area, in the neighborhoods adjacent to campus or on a specific area of campus of or in a specified campus building. When a containment is issued the perimeter of the building will be secured, but regular work and classes will continue.

Lockdown- A security and safety measure taken during an active threat situation to prevent people from leaving or entering individual or multiple campus buildings.

St. Cloud State Public Safety or designated authority will order a "containment" or "lockdown" when it is considered unsafe to leave campus buildings.

  • Notification will be by STAR ALERT mass email and text message, telephone and/ or public address system where available, and the St. Cloud State website
  • Building occupants will take steps to lock/ secure access points, remain inside the room/ building
  • When Public Safety or other authorities determine the unsafe situation has ended, an "All Clear" will be communicated by same means the containment or lockdown was initiated

Procedures if you are involved in an emergency situation:

  • Call 911
  • Remain inside rooms; silence cell phones
  • Close, lock doors when possible
  • Stay away from windows and doors
  • Turn off lights
  • Remain quiet; do not use cell phones except to call 911
  • If the room you are in does not have a lock, barricade the door with available furniture, equipment; tie door handle to something stable to prevent opening
  • Move to a location not visible to persons outside room; cover glass on door
  • Stay in place until authorized personnel issue "All Clear" or direct you to leave.